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1. A SON OF Shimeah, the cunning and unprincipled nephew of David, and friend of Amnon, 2Sa 13:3-5. Yet he seems to have been long aware of the purpose of Absalom to avenge his sister's dishonor upon Amnon, and very coolly excused the assassination of his friend, 2Sa 13:32-35.

2. A son of Rechab, a Kenite, descended from Hobab the brother of Moses. He was at the head of the Rechabites in the time of Jehu, and seems to have given them a command to abstain from wine, 2Ki 10:15; 1Ch 2:55; Jer 35:6-10. See RECHABITES.

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Jehon'adab. (1.) The son of Rechab, and founder of the Rechabites (q.v.), 2Ki 10:15; Jer 35:6,10.

(2.) The son of Shimeah, David's brother (2Sa 13:3). He was "a very subtil man."

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1. Shimeah's son, David's nephew; "very subtle," worming out the secrets of the heir apparent, Amnon his cousin, to gain favor. Pretending "friendship," he insinuated that a "king's son" ought to gratify his passions without scruple, and not make himself lean by restraining them; and gave the hellish advice whereby that wicked prince incestuously forced his half sister Tamar. Then, when Absalom had in revenge killed Amnon, and the king was heartbroken at the exaggerated story that all the king's sons were slain, Jonadab practiced the same sycophancy to David; not a word does he breathe of his own abominable share in the matter; no sorrow has he for Amnon whose professed "friend" he was, but whose ruin he hurried; "by the appointment of Absalom this hath been determined from the day that he forced his sister Tamar"; "Amnon only is dead, Amnon only is dead"; "let not my lord the king take the thing to his heart" (2 Samuel 13). Evil communication is fatal; the friendship of the wicked is hollow, for it is based on selfishness (Ps 12:2; 141:4-5), and when regard for self comes in collision with regard for a friend, the latter will be set aside for the former; see 1Ki 22:30,32.


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1. Son of Shimeah and nephew of David: he subtly led his cousin Amnon into sin. 2Sa 13:3,5,32,35.

2. Son of Rechab the founder of the Rechabites. Jehu took him with him to see his zeal for the Lord. He also is called JEHONADAB. 2Ki 10:15,23; Jer 35:6-19.

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(whom Jehovah impels).

1. Son of Shimeah and nephew of David. (B.C. 1033.) He is described as "very subtle."

2Sa 13:3

His age naturally made him the friend of his cousin Amnon, heir to the throne.

2Sa 13:3

He gave him the fatal advice for ensnaring his sister Tamar. ch

2Sa 13:5-6

Again, when, in a later stage of the same tragedy, Amnon was murdered by Absalom, and the exaggerated report reached David that all the princes were slaughtered, Jonadab was already aware of the real state of the case.

2Sa 13:32-33


Jer 35:6,8,10,14,16,18-19


See Jehonadab

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