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Reference: Samson


Mentioned in OT in Jg 13; 14; 15; 16, and in NT in Heb 11:32.

1. The story need not be recapitulated, but certain details require explanation. Jg 13:25 seems to be the prelude to a first exploit, now lost. Jg 13:14 is not clear as it stands; probably 'his father and his mother' in Jg 13:5-6 b, Jg 13:10 a are glosses introduced to avoid the appearance of disobedience. He goes down alone, meets the lion alone, returns to his home after his visit to his bride (Jg 13:8 'to take her' being another gloss); then after an interval he goes back to celebrate the marriage he has arranged; Jg 13:10 a is particularly absurd as it stands. The 'thirty companions' of Jg 13:11 are the 'friends of the bridegroom,' chosen on this occasion from the bride's people (see below,

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