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Theasaurus: Officers

39 Bible Verses about Officers

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1 Kings 4:5

Azariah, the son of Nathan, was over the officers; and Zabud, the son of Nathan, was the priest and special companion of the king;

1 Kings 4:7-19

And Solomon had twelve officers over all Israel, who maintained the king and his household. Each one of them made provision for one month in the year. And these are their names: The son of Hur, in Mount Ephraim; the son of Dekar, in Makaz and in Shaalbim and in Bethshemesh and in Elon and in Bethhanan;read more.
the son of Hesed, in Aruboth; to him pertained Sochoh and all the land of Hepher. The son of Abinadab, in all the region of Dor, who had Taphath, the daughter of Solomon, to wife; Baana, the son of Ahilud; to him pertained Taanach and Megiddo and all Bethshean, which is by Zartanah beneath Jezreel, from Bethshean to Abelmeholah, even unto the place that is beyond Jokneam; the son of Geber, in Ramothgilead; to him pertained the towns of Jair, the son of Manasseh, which were in Gilead; to him also pertained the region of Argob, which is in Bashan, sixty great cities with walls and brasen bars; Ahinadab, the son of Iddo, in Mahanaim; Ahimaaz was in Naphtali; he also took Basmath, the daughter of Solomon, to wife. Baanah, the son of Hushai, was in Asher and in Aloth; Jehoshaphat, the son of Paruah, in Issachar; Shimei, the son of Elah, in Benjamin; Geber, the son of Uri, was in the land of Gilead, in the land of Sihon, king of the Amorites, and of Og, king of Bashan; and in addition to these there was an officer over all the land.

1 Kings 20:14

And Ahab said, By whom? And he said, Thus hath the LORD said, Even by the young men of the princes of the provinces. Then he said, Who shall begin the battle? And he answered, Thou.

2 Kings 15:25

But Pekah, the son of Remaliah a captain of his, conspired against him and smote him in Samaria, in the palace of the king's house, with Argob and Arieh and with him fifty men of the sons of Gilead; and he killed him and reigned in his place.

2 Kings 18:24

How then wilt thou turn away the face of one captain of the least of my master's slaves, even though thou dost trust in Egypt for chariots and for horsemen?

Isaiah 36:9

How, therefore, wilt thou turn away the face of one captain of the least of my master's slaves even if thou art trusting in Egypt for chariots and for horsemen?

Ezra 4:8

Rehum, the chancellor, and Shimshai, the scribe, wrote a letter against Jerusalem to Artaxerxes, the king, in this sort:

Nehemiah 11:9

And Joel, the son of Zichri, was their overseer; and Judah, the son of Senuah, was second over the city.

Isaiah 33:18

Thine heart shall imagine the terror. Where is the scribe? Where is the receiver of tribute? Where is he that counted the towers?

Exodus 14:7

and he took six hundred chosen chariots and all the chariots of Egypt and the captains over them.

Exodus 15:4

Pharaoh's chariots and his host he has cast into the sea; his chosen princes also are drowned in the Red sea.

Deuteronomy 20:8-9

And the officers shall speak further unto the people, and they shall say, What man is there that is fearful and a coward at heart? Let him go and return unto his house that he not cause his brethren's hearts to become as his heart. And it shall be when the officers have finished speaking unto the people that the captains of the armies shall lead before the people.

2 Samuel 8:7

And David took the shields of gold that were on the slaves of Hadadezer and brought them to Jerusalem.

2 Kings 6:8

Then the king of Syria warred against Israel and took counsel with his slaves, saying, In such and such a place shall be my camp.

1 Chronicles 27:16-22

Presiding, likewise, over the tribes of Israel: over the Reubenites was prince Eliezer, the son of Zichri; over the Simeonites, Shephatiah, the son of Maachah. Over the Levites, Hashabiah, the son of Kemuel. Over the Aaronites, Zadok. Over Judah, Elihu, one of the brethren of David. Over those of Issachar, Omri, the son of more.
Over those of Zebulun, Ishmaiah, the son of Obadiah. Over those of Naphtali, Jerimoth, the son of Azriel. Over the sons of Ephraim, Hosea, the son of Azaziah. Over the half tribe of Manasseh, Joel, the son of Pedaiah. Over the other half tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, Iddo, the son of Zechariah. Over those of Benjamin, Jaasiel, the son of Abner. And over Dan, Azareel, the son of Jeroham. These were the princes of the tribes of Israel.

Isaiah 21:5

Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink; arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.

Jeremiah 38:17-18

Then said Jeremiah unto Zedekiah, Thus hath the LORD, the God of the hosts, the God of Israel said: If thou wilt assuredly go forth unto the king of Babylon's princes, then thy soul shall live, and this city shall not be burned with fire; and thou shalt live, and thine house: but if thou wilt not go forth to the king of Babylon's princes, then this city shall be given into the hand of the Chaldeans, and they shall burn it with fire, and thou shalt not escape out of their hand.

Ezekiel 23:15

girded with girdles upon their loins, and mitres painted upon their heads, all of them looking like princes, after the manner of the men of Babylon, born in the land of the Chaldeans,

Acts 21:32

who immediately took soldiers and centurions and ran down unto them; and when they saw the tribunal and the soldiers, they left off beating Paul.

Acts 25:23

And the next day when Agrippa was come and Bernice, with great pomp, and was entered into the place of hearing, with the tribunals and principal men of the city, at Festus' commandment, Paul was brought forth.

2 Chronicles 8:18

For Hiram had sent him ships by the hands of his slaves and slaves that had knowledge of the sea, and they had gone with the slaves of Solomon to Ophir and had taken from there four hundred and fifty talents of gold and brought them to King Solomon.

Acts 20:17

And from Miletus he sent to Ephesus and called the elders of the congregation .

1 Kings 4:6

and Ahishar was over the household; and Adoniram, the son of Abda, was over the tribute.

1 Kings 18:3

And Ahab called Obadiah, who was the governor of his house. (Now Obadiah feared the LORD greatly,

2 Kings 18:18

And they called the king, and Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, and Shebna, the scribe, and Joah, the son of Asaph, the writer of chronicles went out to them.

2 Kings 19:2

And he sent Eliakim, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to Isaiah, the prophet, the son of Amoz,

1 Chronicles 26:24

Shebuel, the son of Gershon, the son of Moses, was ruler of the treasures.

2 Chronicles 24:11

Now it came to pass, that at what time the ark was brought unto the king's office by the hand of the Levites and when they saw that there was much money, the king's scribe and the high priest's officer came and emptied the ark and took it and returned it to its place. Thus they did day by day and gathered money in abundance.

Jeremiah 20:1-2

And Pashur the priest, the son of Immer, who presided as prince in the house of the LORD, heard Jeremiah who prophesied these things. Then Pashur smote Jeremiah the prophet and put him in the stocks that were at the gate of Benjamin on the high place, which is in the house of the LORD.

Daniel 2:14-15

Then Daniel spoke with counsel and wisdom to Arioch the captain of the king's guard, who was gone forth to slay the wise men of Babylon. He spoke and said to Arioch the king's captain, What is the reason for which this decree has gone forth from the king with such haste? Then Arioch made the thing known to Daniel.

Matthew 5:25

Conciliate with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.

Luke 12:58

When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou may be delivered from him, lest he drag thee away to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison.

Luke 22:4

And he went and spoke with the princes of the priests and captains, how he might betray him unto them.

Acts 5:22

But when the officers came and found them not in the prison, they returned and told,

Acts 16:35

And when it was day, the magistrates sent the sergeants, saying, Let those men go.

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Matthew 5:25

Conciliate with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.

Deuteronomy 16:18

Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all the gates of thy cities, which the LORD thy God shall give thee throughout thy tribes, and they shall judge the people with just (and righteous) judgment.