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'Arrogant' in the Bible

But when he became strong, he grew arrogant and it led to his own destruction. He acted unfaithfully against the Lord his God by going into the Lord’s sanctuary to burn incense on the incense altar.

Do not let the foot of the arrogant man come near meor the hand of the wicked one drive me away.

For I said, “Don’t let them rejoice over me—those who are arrogant toward me when I stumble.”

This is the way of those who are arrogant,and of their followers,who approve of their words.Selah

The arrogant constantly ridicule me,but I do not turn away from Your instruction.

Let the arrogant be put to shamefor slandering me with lies;I will meditate on Your precepts.

Guarantee Your servant’s well-being;do not let the arrogant oppress me.

We’ve had more than enoughscorn from the arrogantand contempt from the proud.

But when the Lord finishes all His work against Mount Zion and Jerusalem, He will say, “I will punish the king of Assyria for his arrogant acts and the proud look in his eyes.”

then Azariah son of Hoshaiah, Johanan son of Kareah, and all the other arrogant men responded to Jeremiah, “You are speaking a lie! The Lord our God has not sent you to say, ‘You must not go to Egypt to live there for a while!’

The arrogant will stumble and fallwith no one to pick him up.I will set fire to his cities,and it will consume everything around him.”

“I watched, then, because of the sound of the arrogant words the horn was speaking. As I continued watching, the beast was killed and its body destroyed and given over to the burning fire.

When the army is carried off, he will become arrogant and cause tens of thousands to fall, but he will not triumph.

Moreover, wine betrays;an arrogant man is never at rest.He enlarges his appetite like Sheol,and like Death he is never satisfied.He gathers all the nations to himself;he collects all the peoples for himself.

“For indeed, the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the arrogant and everyone who commits wickedness will become stubble. The coming day will consume them,” says the Lord of Hosts, “not leaving them root or branches.

These people are discontented grumblers, walking according to their desires; their mouths utter arrogant words, flattering people for their own advantage.

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