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'Submit' in the Bible

The angel of the LORD told her, "You must go back to your mistress and submit to her authority."

So don't be stiff-necked like your ancestors were. Instead, submit to the LORD, enter his sanctuary that he has sanctified forever, and serve the LORD your God so that he'll stop being angry with you.

When they hear of me, they will obey me; foreigners will submit to me.

Yet my people didn't obey my voice; Israel didn't submit to me.

"Put forward your case!" says the LORD. "Submit your arguments!" says Jacob's King.

to submit yourselves to people like these and to anyone else who shares their labor and hard work.

to be sensible and pure, to manage their households, to be kind, and to submit themselves to their husbands. Otherwise, the word of God may be discredited.

Slaves are to submit to their masters in everything, aiming to please them and not argue with them

You household servants must submit yourselves to your masters out of respect, not only to those who are kind and fair, but also to those who are unjust.

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