1 Elihu proceeded forth in his talking, and said, 2 "Hold thee still a little, and I shall show thee what I have yet to speak on God's behalf. 3 I will open unto thee yet more of mine understanding, and prove my maker righteous. 4 True are my words, and no lie: and the knowledge wherewithal I argue against thee, is perfect.
5 "Behold, God casteth not away the mighty, for he himself is mighty in power and wisdom. 6 As for the ungodly, he preserveth them not, but helpeth the poor to their right. 7 He turneth not his eyes away from the righteous; he setteth up kings in their throne, and confirmeth them, so that they alway sit therein.
8 But if they be laid in prison and chains, or bound with the bonds of poverty: 9 then sheweth he them their works and deeds and the sins wherewith they have used cruel violence. 10 He with punishing and nurturing of them, roundeth them in the ears, warneth them to leave off from their wickedness, and to amend. 11 If they now will take heed and be obedient, they shall wear out their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasure and joy. 12 But if they will not obey, they shall go through the sword, and perish before they be aware.
13 As for such as be fained hypocrites, they heap up wrath for themselves: for they call not upon him, though they be his prisoners. 14 Thus their soul perisheth in foolishness, and their life shall be condemned among the fornicators. 15 "The poor delivereth he out of his affliction, and comforteth such as be in necessity and trouble.
16 Even so shall he keep thee - if thou wilt be content - from the bottomless pit that is beneath: and if thou wilt hold the quiet, he shall fill thy table with plenteousness. 17 Nevertheless, thou hast condemned the judgment of the ungodly; yea, even such a judgment and sentence shalt thou suffer. 18 For then shall not thy cause be stilled with cruelty, nor pacified with many gifts. 19 Hath God ordained then, that the glorious life of thee, and all such mighty men should not be put down? 20 Prolong not thou the time, till there come a night for thee, to set other people in thy stead. 21 But beware that thou turn not aside to wickedness and sin, which hitherto thou hast chosen more than meekness.
22 Behold, God is of a mighty high power: Where is there such a guide and lawgiver as he? 23 Who will reprove him of his way? Who will say unto him, 'Thou hast done wrong?' 24 "O consider how great and excellent his works be, whom all men love and praise: 25 yea, wonder at him, and yet they see him but afar off. 26 Behold, so great is God, that he passeth our knowledge; neither are we able to come to the experience of his years. 27 He turneth the water to small drops, he driveth his clouds 28 together for to rain, so that they pour down and drop upon men. 29 He can spread out the clouds - a covering of his tabernacle - 30 and cause his light to shine upon them, and to cover the bottom of the sea. 31 By these things governeth he his people, and giveth them abundance of meat. 32 In the turning of a hand he hideth the light, and at his commandment it cometh again. 33 The rising up thereof showeth he to his friends and to the cattle.