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1. Formerly the wife of Nabal of Carmel, and afterwards of David. Upon receiving information of Nabal's ingratitude to David, 1Sa 25:14, she loaded several asses with provisions, and attended by some of here domestics went out to meet him. Her manners and conversation gained for her his esteem, and as soon as the days of mourning for Nabal's death, which happened soon afterwards, were over, he made her his wife. The issue of the marriage was, as some critics suppose, two sons, Chileab and Daniel, 2Sa 3:3; 1Ch 3:1; but it is most probable that these names were borne by one person.

2. A sister of David, and mother of Amasa, 1Ch 2:16-17.

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father (i.e., "leader") of the dance, or "of joy."

(1.) The sister of David, and wife of Jether an Ishmaelite (1Ch 2:16-17). She was the mother of Amasa (2Sa 17:25).

(2.) The wife of the churlish Nabal, who dwelt in the district of Carmel (1Sa 25:3). She showed great prudence and delicate management at a critical period of her husband's life. She was "a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance." After Nabal's death she became the wife of David (1Sa 25:14-42), and was his companion in all his future fortunes (1Sa 27:3; 30:5; 2Sa 2:2|). By her David had a son called Chileab (2Sa 3:3), elsewhere called Daniel (1Ch 3:1).

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("father of joy".)

1. The churl Nabal's beautiful wife, of Carmel. Taking on herself the blame of Nabal's insult to David's messengers, she promptly, and with a discreet woman's tact, averted David's just anger by liberally supplying the wants of his forces, and by deprecating in person at his feet the shedding of blood in vengeance. He hearkened to her prayer and accepted her person; and rejoiced at being "kept back" by her counsel from taking into his own hand God's prerogative of vengeance (1Sa 25:26,34,39; compare Ro 12:19). God did "plead His cause" against Nabal: compare the undesigned coincidence of phrase between the history and the independent psalm, a proof of genuineness: Ps 35:1; 7:16; 17:4; 14:1 with 1Sa 25:25,36-38 with Lu 12:19-21; 1Sa 25:29; the image of a "sling, slinging out the souls of the enemy" with 1Sa 17:49. At Nabal's death by God's visitation David made her his wife, and by her David had a son, Chileab (2Sa 3:3), or Daniel (1Ch 3:1), i.e. God is my judge, a name which apparently alludes to the divine judgment on Nabal.

2. A sister of David, daughter of Nahash; wife of Jether or Ithra, an Ishmaelite, rather seduced by him (See ITHRA); mother of Amasa (1Ch 2:15-17). David was probably her and Zeruiah's half brother, born of the same mother, but he having Jesse, she and Zeruiah Nahash, for their father. This accounts for the phrase "Abigail, daughter of Nahash, and sister of Zeruiah," not of David. Zeruiah and she were only his step-sisters.

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1. The Carmelitess who became the wife of David after the death of her churlish husband Nabal. This gracious woman humbled herself, confessed the 'iniquity' of her husband, and appeased David. She showed wonderful faith in recognising the counsels of God as resting upon David, and called him 'lord' whilst in rejection and being hunted by Saul. 1Sa 25:14-42. By Abigail David had a son named Chileab 2Sa 3:3; but called Daniel in 1Ch 3:1.

2. A sister or half sister of David: she was the mother of Amasa by a man named Ithra or Jether, described both as an Israelite and an Ishmeelite. 2Sa 17:25; 1Ch 2:16-17. See JETHER

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(father, i.e. source, of joy).

1. The beautiful wife of Nabal, a wealthy owner of goats and sheep in Carmel. (B.C. 1060.) When David's messengers were slighted by Nabal, Abigail supplies David and his followers with provisions, and succeeded in appeasing his anger. The days after this Nabal died, and David sent for Abigail and made her his wife.

1Sa 25:14

etc. By her he had a son, called Chileab in

2Sa 3:3

but Daniel in

1Ch 3:1

2. A sister of David, married to Jether the Ishmaelite, and mother, by him , of Amasa.

1Ch 2:17


2Sa 17:25

for Israelite read Ishmaelite. (B.C. 1068.)

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