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Theasaurus: Injury

16 Bible Verses about Injury

Most Relevant Verses

Luke 10:30

Jesus answered him, "A certain man was traveling down from Jerusalem to Jericho [Note: This was a town about eighteen miles northeast of Jerusalem], when he was attacked by robbers, who stripped him [of his clothing and belongings] and beat him up, then went away leaving him half dead.

2 Corinthians 11:23-25

Are they servants of Christ? (I am really talking like a crazy person now). I am more [of a servant, than they are]. I have worked much harder. I have been in prison more often. I have been flogged more severely. I have been in danger of death more frequently. I received thirty-nine lashes from the Jews five times. I was beaten with rods three times. I was stoned once. I suffered shipwreck three times and spent a night and a day in the open water.

Galatians 6:17

From now on no one should harass me [about such matters] for I carry around on my body the scars [left there in my service] for Christ.

1 Peter 2:19

For those of you who put up with such suffering unjustly, because of your close relationship to God, are to be commended.

Titus 3:2

to slander no one, to be peaceful, to be considerate [or, "gentle"] and to show every courtesy to all people.

James 4:11

Do not slander one another, brothers, [for] the person who speaks against his brother, or judges him, is [guilty of] speaking against the law [of God]. But when you judge the law, you are not obeying it but acting as its judge.

Matthew 26:59-60

Now the leading priests and the entire Council [called "the Sanhedrin"] looked for false witnesses [to testify] against Jesus, in order to put Him to death. But they did not find any [i.e., whose stories harmonized. See Mark 14:56], even though many false witnesses came [forward to testify]. Finally, two [false witnesses] came forward

1 Peter 2:20-23

But it is no credit to you if you put up with a beating you deserve. But if you patiently tolerate suffering for doing good, this is pleasing to God. [After all], this is what you were called to do, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you would follow in His steps. [For] He neither sinned nor used deceitful more.
When He was spoken to with harsh insults, He did not reply in the same way. When He was made to suffer, He did not threaten [His tormentors], but instead entrusted Himself to God, [whom He knew] would make a righteous judgment [in the matter].

1 Thessalonians 2:2

But [even though] we had already suffered and been mistreated at Philippi [See Acts 16:19-24], as you people know, we had the boldness, [with help] from God, to tell you His message in spite of much struggle [i.e., opposition].

Romans 13:10

If you love your neighbor, you will not do anything wrong to him. So, to love people is the way to fulfill [the requirements of] the law [See Matt. 22:39].

Topics on Injury

Injury To Feet

Matthew 18:8

If your hand or your foot becomes the occasion for you falling away [from God], cut them off and throw them away. It would be better for you to enter [never ending] life disabled or crippled, rather than keeping both hands and both feet and being thrown into the never ending fire [i.e., because they caused you to fall away from God].