72 occurrences

'Bore' in the Bible

Hagar eventually gave birth to Abram's son. Abram named his son whom Hagar bore Ishmael.

Abraham named his son who was born to him Isaac the very one whom Sarah bore for him!

Bethuel fathered Rebekah. Milcah bore these eight sons to Nahor, Abraham's brother.

"That's when I asked, "Whose daughter are you?' "She replied, "I'm the daughter of Bethuel, Nahor's son, whom Milcah bore for him.'

She bore him Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah.

Now this is what happened to Ishmael, whom Sarah's Egyptian servant Hagar bore for Abraham.

Leah conceived, bore a son, and named him Reuben, because she was saying, "The LORD had looked on my torture, so now my husband will love me."

Later, she conceived again, bore a son, and declared, "Because the LORD heard that I'm neglected, he gave me this one, too." So she named him Simeon.

Then she conceived yet again, bore a son, and said, "This time I'll praise the LORD." So she named him Judah. Then she stopped bearing children.

Bilhah conceived and bore a son for Jacob.

Rachel's servant conceived again and bore a second son for Jacob,

Leah's servant Zilpah bore a son to Jacob,

Later, Leah's servant Zilpah bore a second son for Jacob.

God heard what Leah had said, so she conceived and bore a fifth son for Jacob.

Later, Leah conceived again and bore a sixth son for Jacob.

After that, Leah conceived, bore a daughter, and named her Dinah.

so she conceived, bore a son, and remarked, "God has removed my shame."

and whatever was torn by beasts, I never bothered to bring to you. Instead, I bore the losses myself. Even so, you demanded that I provide restitution for anything that was stolen, whether during the day or the night.

Adah bore Eliphaz to Esau, Basemath bore Reuel, and

Oholibamah bore Jeush, Jalam, and Korah. These were Esau's sons, who were born to him in the territory of Canaan.

Timnah was a concubine of Esau's son Eliphaz. She bore Amalek to Eliphaz.

These were the sons of Esau's wife Oholibamah, the daughter of Anah, who was the daughter of Zibeon. She bore Jeush, Jalam, and Korah for Esau.

and she conceived, bore a son, and named him Er.

Later, she conceived again, bore another son, and named him Onan.

Then she bore yet another son and named him Shelah. Judah was living in Kezib when she bore him.

"Then your servant, our father, told us, "You know my wife bore me two sons.

These were all sons from Leah, whom she bore for Jacob in Paddan-aram, along with his daughter Dinah. He had 33 sons and daughters.

These were all sons from Zilpah, whom Laban had given to his daughter Leah. She bore these sixteen children for Jacob.

Joseph's sons born in the land of Egypt were Manasseh and Ephraim, whom Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, the priest of On, bore for him.

These were sons of Bilhah, whom Laban had given to his daughter Rachel. She bore these children for Jacob seven in all.

Then Aaron married Elisheba daughter of Amminadab, sister of Nahshon. She bore him Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar.

Aaron's son Eleazar married one of Putiel's daughters, and she bore him Phineas. These are the heads of the ancestors of the descendants of Levi, according to their families.

His mistress in Shechem bore him a son whom he named Abimelech.

Gilead's wife bore two sons through him, but when his wife's sons grew up, they expelled Jephthah and declared to him, "You won't have an inheritance in this house, since you're the son of a different woman."

So go on back, my daughters! Be on your way! I'm too old to remarry. If I were to say that I'm hoping for a husband tonight and then also bore sons this very night,

Moreover, may your house be like the house of Perez, whom Tamar bore for Judah, from the offspring that the LORD gives you from this young woman."

So Boaz took Ruth to be his wife, and when he had marital relations with her, the LORD made her conceive, and she bore a son.

Saul flew into a rage and told Jonathan, "You son of a perverse and rebellious woman! Don't I know that you have chosen Jesse's son to your shame and to the shame of your mother who bore you?

And Saul's daughter Michal bore no children from that day on until the day she died.

When her mourning period was completed, David sent for her, brought her to his palace, and she became his wife. Later on, she bore him a son.

Then David consoled his wife Bathsheba. He went in and had sex with her, and she bore a son whom he named Solomon. The LORD loved him,

Queen Tahpenes' sister bore him his son Genubath, whom Tahpenes weaned in Pharaoh's palace while Genubath lived in Pharaoh's palace with the Pharaoh's own sons.

Judah's daughter-in-law Tamar also bore him Perez and Zerah, so Judah had five sons in all.

Zeruiah's three sons were Abishai, Joab, and Asahel. Abigail bore Amasa, whose father was Jether the Ishmaelite.

When Azubah died, Caleb married Ephrath, who bore him Hur.

Later, Hezron married the daughter of Machir, who had fathered Gilead. He married her when he was 60 years old, and she bore him Segub.

After Hezron died in Caleb-ephrathah, Abijah wife of Hezron bore him Ashhur, who fathered Tekoa.

Abishur's wife was named Abihail. She bore him Ahban and Molid.

So Sheshan gave his daughter in marriage to his slave Jarha, and she bore him Attai.

Caleb's mistress Ephah also bore Haran, Moza, and Gazez.

Caleb's mistress Maacah bore Sheber, Tirhanah,

Naarah bore him these sons: Ahuzzam, Hepher, Temeni, and Haahashtari.

Jabez enjoyed more honor than his relatives his mother named him Jabez, she said, "because I bore him in pain."

Mered's wife conceived Miriam, Shammai, and Ishbah, who fathered Eshtemoa. Then his Judean wife bore Jered, who fathered Gedor and then Heber, who fathered Soco and Jekuthiel, who fathered Zanoah. These are the descendants of Bithiah, daughter of Pharaoh, whom Mered married.

Manasseh's descendants included Asriel, whom his Aramean mistress bore, along with Machir, who fathered Gilead.

Machir's wife Maacah bore a son whom she named Peresh. His brother was named Sheresh, and his sons were Ulam and Rekem.

His sister Hammolecheth bore Ishhod, Abiezer, and Mahlah.

who bore him these sons: Jeush, Shemariah, and Zaham.

After this he married Absalom's daughter Maacah, who bore him Abijah, Attai, Ziza, and Shelomith.

The king's scribes were summoned on the thirteenth day of the first month, and all that Haman commanded was written to the regional authorities of the king, to the governors who were over each province, and to the officials of each people. This order was translated in the name of King Ahasuerus into the language of each province and bore the seal of the king's signet ring.

After this, I was intimate with the prophetess and she conceived. Later, she bore a son, and then the LORD told me, "Call him "Maher-shalal-hash-baz,'

Then you'll ask in your heart, "Who bore these children for me, although I was childless and barren, and an exile and cast aside? Who brought these up? Look! For my part I was left all alone; but as for these, where have they come from?'

There is no one to guide you out of all the children she bore, no one to take her by the hand out of all the children she brought up.

"Sing, you barren woman, even the one who never bore a child! Burst into song and shout for joy, even you who were never in labor! For the children of the desolate woman will be more than the children of her that is married," says the LORD.

"Then you took your sons and daughters whom you bore for me and sacrificed them for your idols to eat. As though your prostitutions were an insignificant thing,

It was transplanted into good soil near abundant water, and it produced branches and bore fruit, becoming a magnificent vine."'

It will also come about that if any man would dare to prophesy, then his father and his mother who bore him will respond to him, "You will not live, because you are speaking lies in the name of the LORD.' Then his father and mother who bore him will stab him for prophesying.

When the crop came up and bore grain, the weeds appeared, too.

because the time is surely coming when people will say, "How blessed are the women who couldn't bear children and the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!'

Bible Theasaurus

Reverse Interlinear

Root Form
Usage: 17

Usage: 72

גּבל גּבוּל 
Usage: 240

גּבלה גּבוּלה 
Usage: 10

Usage: 5

Usage: 6

Usage: 497

Usage: 5

Usage: 13

Usage: 28

Usage: 109

Usage: 26

Usage: 22

Usage: 17

Usage: 4

Usage: 22

נסה נשׂא 
Usage: 653

Usage: 48

Usage: 6

עמשׂ עמס 
Usage: 9

Usage: 67

קצה קצה 
Usage: 97

Usage: 1

שׁאל שׁאל 
Usage: 172

שׂפת שׂפה 
Usage: 176

תּצאה תּוצאה 
Usage: 23

תּר תּור 
Usage: 4

Usage: 2

Usage: 2

begat , be born , bear , gender , bring forth , be delivered ,
Usage: 84

that is born
Usage: 0

Usage: 17

Usage: 0

grievous to be borne
Usage: 0

Usage: 4

Usage: 1

Usage: 11

Usage: 1

bring forth , be delivered , be born , be in travail , bear
Usage: 18

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