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'Fury' in the Bible

Their anger is cursed, for it is strong,and their fury, for it is cruel!I will disperse them throughout Jacoband scatter them throughout Israel.

The Lord uprooted them from their land in His anger, rage, and great wrath, and threw them into another land where they are today.’

Before this day is over, the noble women of Persia and Media who hear about the queen’s act will say the same thing to all the king’s officials, resulting in more contempt and fury.

Rise up, Lord, in Your anger;lift Yourself up against the fury of my adversaries;awake for me;You have ordained a judgment.

You withdrew all Your fury;You turned from Your burning anger.

A king’s fury is a messenger of death,but a wise man appeases it.

Fury is cruel, and anger a flood,but who can withstand jealousy?

Look, Yahweh comes from far away,His anger burning and heavy with smoke.His lips are full of fury,and His tongue is like a consuming fire.

But you have forgotten the Lord, your Maker,who stretched out the heavensand laid the foundations of the earth.You are in constant dread all day longbecause of the fury of the oppressor,who has set himself to destroy.But where is the fury of the oppressor?

Wake yourself, wake yourself up!Stand up, Jerusalem,you who have drunk the cup of His furyfrom the hand of the Lord;you who have drunk the goblet to the dregs—the cup that causes people to stagger.

Your children have fainted;they lie at the head of every streetlike an antelope in a net.They are full of the Lord’s fury,the rebuke of your God.

This is what your Lord says—Yahweh, even your God,who defends His people—“Look, I have removedthe cup of staggering from your hand;that goblet, the cup of My fury.You will never drink it again.

So He will repay according to their deeds:fury to His enemies,retribution to His foes,and He will repay the coastlands.

I trampled the winepress alone,and no one from the nations was with Me.I trampled them in My angerand ground them underfoot in My fury;their blood spattered My garments,and all My clothes were stained.

“for this city has caused My wrath and fury from the day it was built until now. I will therefore remove it from My presence,

I am about to gather them from all the lands where I have banished them in My anger, rage and great wrath, and I will return them to this place and make them live in safety.

Perhaps their petition will come before the Lord, and each one will turn from his evil way, for the anger and fury that the Lord has pronounced against this people are great.”

“For this is what the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: ‘Just as My anger and fury were poured out on Jerusalem’s residents, so will My fury pour out on you if you go to Egypt. You will become an object of cursing, scorn, execration, and disgrace, and you will never see this place again.’

“So this is what the Lord God says: I will release a windstorm in My wrath. Torrential rain will come in My anger, and hailstones will fall in destructive fury.

But it was uprooted in fury,thrown to the ground,and the east wind dried up its fruit.Its strong branches were torn off and dried up;fire consumed them.

I will pour out My indignation on you;I will blow the fire of My fury on you.I will hand you over to brutal men,skilled at destruction.

Yes, I will gather you together and blow on you with the fire of My fury, and you will be melted within the city.

So I have poured out My indignation on them and consumed them with the fire of My fury. I have brought their actions down on their own heads.” This is the declaration of the Lord God.

He came toward the two-horned ram I had seen standing beside the canal and rushed at him with savage fury.

But reports from the east and the north will terrify him, and he will go out with great fury to annihilate and completely destroy many.

The princes of Judah are like thosewho move boundary markers;I will pour out My fury on them like water.

I will not vent the full fury of My anger;I will not turn back to destroy Ephraim.For I am God and not man,the Holy One among you;I will not come in rage.

but a terrifying expectation of judgment and the fury of a fire about to consume the adversaries.

Therefore rejoice, you heavens,and you who dwell in them!Woe to the earth and the sea,for the Devil has come down to youwith great fury,because he knows he has a short time.

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Root Form
חמה חמא 
Chema' (Aramaic) 
Usage: 2

חמא חמה 
Usage: 124

חרן חרון 
Usage: 41

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