Job's Eighth Speech, Continued

1 Wherefore, since from the Almighty times are not hid, have, his knowing ones, no vision of his days?

1 "Why are times not stored up by the Almighty, And why do those who know Him not see His days?

1 Why, seeing times are not hidden from the Almighty, do they that know him not see his days?

1 Why does the Almighty not reserve times for judgment?(A)Why do those who know Him never see His days?

1 Why doesn't the Almighty reserve time for judgment? And why don't those who know him perceive his days?

2 Boundaries, men move back, flocks, they seize and consume;

2 "Some remove the landmarks; They seize and devour flocks.

2 Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof.

2 The wicked displace boundary markers.They steal a flock and provide pasture for it.

2 They move boundary stones, steal flocks, and pasture them.

3 The ass of the fatherless, they drive off, they take in pledge the ox of the widow;

3 "They drive away the donkeys of the orphans; They take the widow's ox for a pledge.

3 They drive away the ass of the fatherless, they take the widow's ox for a pledge.

3 They drive away the donkeys owned by the fatherless(B)and take the widow’s ox as collateral.

3 They drive away the orphan's donkey; they take the ox of the widow as security for a loan;

4 They turn aside the needy out of the way, at once, are the humbled of the land made to hide themselves.

4 "They push the needy aside from the road; The poor of the land are made to hide themselves altogether.

4 They turn the needy out of the way: the poor of the earth hide themselves together.

4 They push the needy off the road;the poor of the land are forced into hiding.(C)

4 They push the needy off the road, and force the poor of the land into hiding.

5 Lo! as wild asses in the wilderness, they go forth with their work, eager seekers for prey, the waste plain, yieldeth them food for their young;

5 "Behold, as wild donkeys in the wilderness They go forth seeking food in their activity, As bread for their children in the desert.

5 Behold, as wild asses in the desert, go they forth to their work; rising betimes for a prey: the wilderness yieldeth food for them and for their children.

5 Like wild donkeys in the desert,the poor go out to their task of foraging for food;the wilderness provides nourishment for their children.

5 "Look! Like wild donkeys in the wilderness, they work diligently as they seek wild game in the desert, food for them and their young ones.

6 In the field - -a man's fodder, they cut down, and, the vineyard of the lawless, they strip of its late berries;

6 "They harvest their fodder in the field And glean the vineyard of the wicked.

6 They reap every one his corn in the field: and they gather the vintage of the wicked.

6 They gather their fodder in the fieldand glean the vineyards of the wicked.

6 They reap fodder in the field and glean in the vineyard of the wicked.

7 Ill-clad, they are left to lodge without clothing, and have no covering in the cold;

7 "They spend the night naked, without clothing, And have no covering against the cold.

7 They cause the naked to lodge without clothing, that they have no covering in the cold.

7 Without clothing, they spend the night naked,having no covering against the cold.(D)

7 They spend the night naked, without clothing, with no covering against the cold.

8 With the sweeping rain of the mountains, are they wet, and, through having no shelter, they embrace a rock.

8 "They are wet with the mountain rains And hug the rock for want of a shelter.

8 They are wet with the showers of the mountains, and embrace the rock for want of a shelter.

8 Drenched by mountain rains,they huddle against(a) the rocks, shelterless.

8 They are wet from mountain rains; without shelter, they cling to a rock.

9 Men tear, from the breast, the fatherless, and, over the poor, they take a pledge;

9 "Others snatch the orphan from the breast, And against the poor they take a pledge.

9 They pluck the fatherless from the breast, and take a pledge of the poor.

9 The fatherless infant is snatched from the breast;the nursing child of the poor is seized as collateral.(b)

9 "The fatherless are torn from the breast; the poor are taken away as security for a loan.

10 Naked, they go about without clothing, and, famished, they carry the sheaves;

10 "They cause the poor to go about naked without clothing, And they take away the sheaves from the hungry.

10 They cause him to go naked without clothing, and they take away the sheaf from the hungry;

10 Without clothing, they wander about naked.They carry sheaves but go hungry.(E)

10 They wander around naked, without clothes; hungry, though they carry sheaves of grain.

11 Between their walls, are they exposed to the sun, Wine-presses, they tread, and yet are thirsty;

11 "Within the walls they produce oil; They tread wine presses but thirst.

11 Which make oil within their walls, and tread their winepresses, and suffer thirst.

11 They crush olives in their presses;(c)they tread the winepresses, but go thirsty.

11 They press oil between the olive groves owned by the wicked; they suffer from thirst, even while treading the winepress.

12 Out of the city - out of the houses, they make outcry. and, the soul of the wounded, calleth for help, and, GOD, doth not regard it as foolish.

12 "From the city men groan, And the souls of the wounded cry out; Yet God does not pay attention to folly.

12 Men groan from out of the city, and the soul of the wounded crieth out: yet God layeth not folly to them.

12 From the city, men(d) groan;the mortally wounded cry for help,yet God pays no attention to this crime.(F)

12 From the city, dying men groan aloud, and the wounded cries out for help, but God charges no one with wrong.

13 They, have become rebels against the light, - they are not acquainted with the ways thereof, neither abide they in the paths thereof.

13 "Others have been with those who rebel against the light; They do not want to know its ways Nor abide in its paths.

13 They are of those that rebel against the light; they know not the ways thereof, nor abide in the paths thereof.

13 The wicked are those who rebel against the light.They do not recognize its waysor stay on its paths.

13 "Then there are those who rebel against the light; they are not acquainted with its ways; and they don't stay on its course.

14 With the light, riseth the murderer, He slayeth the poor and needy, And, in the night, he becometh like a thief.

14 "The murderer arises at dawn; He kills the poor and the needy, And at night he is as a thief.

14 The murderer rising with the light killeth the poor and needy, and in the night is as a thief.

14 The murderer rises at dawnto kill the poor and needy,and by night he becomes a thief.

14 The murderer rises at dawn to kill the poor and needy; at night, he is like a thief.

15 And, the eye of the adulterer, watcheth for the evening twilight, saying, Not an eye will see me! A covering for the face, he putteth on;

15 "The eye of the adulterer waits for the twilight, Saying, 'No eye will see me.' And he disguises his face.

15 The eye also of the adulterer waiteth for the twilight, saying, No eye shall see me: and disguiseth his face.

15 The adulterer’s eye watches for twilight,thinking: No eye will see me;he covers his face.

15 The adulterer watches for twilight, saying, "No eye is watching me' while he veils his face.

16 He breaketh, in the dark, into houses, - By day, they lock themselves in, They know not the light;

16 "In the dark they dig into houses, They shut themselves up by day; They do not know the light.

16 In the dark they dig through houses, which they had marked for themselves in the daytime: they know not the light.

16 In the dark they break(e) into houses;by day they lock themselves in,(f)never experiencing the light.

16 They break into houses in the dark; during the day they remained sealed in. They don't know daylight.

17 For, in the case of all such, morning to them is the death-shade, For, to be recognised, is a death-shade terror.

17 "For the morning is the same to him as thick darkness, For he is familiar with the terrors of thick darkness.

17 For the morning is to them even as the shadow of death: if one know them, they are in the terrors of the shadow of death.

17 For the morning is like darkness to them.Surely they are familiar with the terrors of darkness!

17 As a group, deep darkness is their morning time; fear that lives in darkness is their friend."

18 Swift is he on the face of the waters, Speedily vanished their share in the land, He turneth not to the way of the vineyards.

18 "They are insignificant on the surface of the water; Their portion is cursed on the earth They do not turn toward the vineyards.

18 He is swift as the waters; their portion is cursed in the earth: he beholdeth not the way of the vineyards.

18 They float(g) on the surface of the water.Their section of the land is cursed,so that they never go to their vineyards.

18 "They remain only a short time on the water's surface; their inheritance will be cursed in the land; no one will work in their vineyards.

19 Drought and heat, steal away snow water, Hades, them who have sinned.

19 "Drought and heat consume the snow waters, So does Sheol those who have sinned.

19 Drought and heat consume the snow waters: so doth the grave those which have sinned.

19 As dry ground and heat snatch away the melted snow,so Sheol(G) steals those who have sinned.

19 As drought and heat evaporate melting snow, that's what Sheol does with sinners.

20 Maternal love shall forget him, the worm shall find him sweet, No more shall he be remembered, but perversity shall be shivered like a tree.

20 "A mother will forget him; The worm feeds sweetly till he is no longer remembered And wickedness will be broken like a tree.

20 The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him; he shall be no more remembered; and wickedness shall be broken as a tree.

20 The womb forgets them;worms feed on them;they are remembered(H) no more.So injustice is broken like a tree.

20 The womb will forget them. Maggots will find them to be a delicacy! They won't be remembered anymore, their iniquity will be cut to pieces like firewood.

21 He oppresseth the barren who beareth not, and, to the widow, he doeth not good;

21 "He wrongs the barren woman And does no good for the widow.

21 He evil entreateth the barren that beareth not: and doeth not good to the widow.

21 They prey on(h) the childless woman who is unable to conceive,and do not deal kindly with the widow.

21 "They prey on the barren woman, and do no favors for widows.

22 Yea he draggeth along the mighty by his strength, He riseth up, and none hath assurance of life;

22 "But He drags off the valiant by His power; He rises, but no one has assurance of life.

22 He draweth also the mighty with his power: he riseth up, and no man is sure of life.

22 Yet God drags away(i) the mighty by His power;when He rises up, they have no assurance of life.

22 God prolongs the life of the strong by his power, but they get up in the morning without purpose in life.

23 It is given him to be secure, and confident, yet, his eyes, are upon their ways.

23 "He provides them with security, and they are supported; And His eyes are on their ways.

23 Though it be given him to be in safety, whereon he resteth; yet his eyes are upon their ways.

23 He gives them a sense of security, so they can rely on it,(I)but His eyes(J) watch over their ways.

23 He gives them security and financial support, but he watches everything they do.

24 They are exalted a little, and are not, Yea having been laid low, like all men, are they gathered, Even as the top of an ear of corn, do they hang down.

24 "They are exalted a little while, then they are gone; Moreover, they are brought low and like everything gathered up; Even like the heads of grain they are cut off.

24 They are exalted for a little while, but are gone and brought low; they are taken out of the way as all other, and cut off as the tops of the ears of corn.

24 They are exalted for a moment, then they are gone;they are brought low and shrivel up like everything else.(j)They wither like heads of grain.(K)

24 They're exalted momentarily, but then they are gone; they are humbled, just like all the others. They are cut down like heads of corn.

25 But, if not, who then can convict me of falsehood? or make of no account my words?

25 "Now if it is not so, who can prove me a liar, And make my speech worthless?"

25 And if it be not so now, who will make me a liar, and make my speech nothing worth?

25 If this is not true, then who can prove me a liar(L)and show that my speech is worthless?

25 If this weren't so, who can prove that I'm a liar by showing that there's nothing to what I'm saying?"

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