1 And Job proceeded and went forth in his communication, saying, 2 "As truly as God liveth, which hath taken away my power from me; and the Almighty, that hath vexed my mind; 3 My lips shall talk of no vanity, and my tongue shall speak no deceit, 4 while my breath is in me, and as long as the wind that God hath given me is in my nostrils. 5 God forbid, that I should grant your cause to be right! As for me, until mine end come will I never go from my innocence. 6 My righteous dealing will I keep fast, and not forsake it; for my conscience reproveth me not in all my conversation.
7 "Therefore mine enemy shall be found as the ungodly; and he that taketh part against me, as the unrighteous. 8 What hope hath the hypocrite, though he have great good, and though God give him riches after his heart's desire? 9 Doth God hear him the sooner, when he crieth unto him in his necessity? 10 Hath he such pleasure and delight in the Almighty, that he dare always call upon God? 11 "I will teach you in the name of God: and the thing that I have of the Almighty, will I not keep from you. 12 Behold, ye stand in your own conceit, as though ye knew all things. Wherefore then do ye go about with such vain words,
13 saying, 'This is that portion that the wicked shall have of God, and the heritage that Tyrants shall receive of the Almighty'? 14 If he get many children, they shall perish with the sword, and his posterity shall have scarceness of bread. 15 Look, whom he leaveth behind him, they shall die and be buried, and no man shall have pity of his widows. 16 Though he have as much money as the dust of the earth, and raiment as ready as the clay, 17 he may well prepare it: but the godly shall put it upon him, and the innocent shall deal out the money. 18 His house shall endure as the moth, and as a booth that the watchman maketh. 19 When the rich man dieth, he carrieth nothing with him: he is gone in the twinkling of an eye. 20 Destruction taketh hold upon him as a water flood, and the tempest stealeth him away in the night season. 21 A vehement wind carrieth him hence, and departeth: a storm plucketh him out of his place. 22 It rusheth in upon him, and spareth him not, he may not escape from the power thereof. 23 Then clap men their hands at him, yea and jest of him, when they look upon his place.