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'Faith in God' in the Bible

But what does it say in the holy Writings? And Abraham had faith in God, and it was put to his account as righteousness.

Not after, but before. And it was as a sign of this that he received the rite of circumcision-to attest the righteousness due to the faith of an uncircumcised man-in order that he might be the father of all who have faith in God even when uncircumcised, that they also may be regarded by God as righteous;

With no ground for hope, Abraham, sustained by hope, put faith in God; in order that, in fulfillment of the words-'So many shall thy descendants be,' he might become 'the Father of many nations.'

it was for our sakes too, for it is going to be credited to us who put our faith in God who raised from the dead our Lord Jesus,

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