7 occurrences in 23 translations

'Stand Still' in the Bible

Lift up a signal flag toward Zion. Run for cover! Don't stand still! For I am bringing disaster from the north- a great destruction.

Yea, wild asses stand still on the bare heights, They pant for air like jackals, - Dimmed are their eyes Because there is no grass.

"Preach throughout the land of Egypt, and cause it be proclaimed at Migdol, Memphis, and Tahpenes, and say: Stand still, make thee ready, for the sword shall consume thee round about.

Ah, sword of Yahweh, {how long} will you not be quiet? Gather to your sheath, keep quiet and stand still.

"Upon Damascus, Hamath and Arpad shall come confusion, for they shall hear evil tidings: they shall be tossed to and fro like the sea that cannot stand still.

No man shall be able to dwell there, for the fear of the LORD, but she shall be whole desolate. All they that go by Babylon, shall stand still, and be abashed, and shall wonder at all her plagues.

You who have escaped the sword, go and do not stand still! Remember the Lord from far away, and let Jerusalem come to your mind.

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