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The ass (Arabic hamar) is the most universally useful domesticated animal in Palestine. On it the fellah rides to his day's work, with it he ploughs his fields, threshes out his corn, and at last carries home the harvest (Ne 13:15). Whole groups of donkeys traverse every road carrying corn (Ge 42:26-27), fire-wood (Ge 22:3), provisions (1Sa 16:20), skins of water or baskets full of sand, stone or refuse. A group of such animals are so accustomed to keep together that they would do so even if running away (1Sa 9:3,20). The little ass carrying the barley, which leads every train of camels, is a characteristic sight. Whenever the traveller journeys through the land, the braying of the ass is as familiar a sound as the barking of the village dog. The man of moderate means when journeying rides an ass, often astride his bedding and clothes, as doubtless was done by many a Scripture character (Nu 22:21-38; Jos 15:18; 1Sa 25:20-28; 2Sa 17:23; 19:26 etc.). A well-trained ass will get over the ground rapidly at a pace more comfortable than that of an ordinary horse; it is also very sure-footed. The man of position in the town, the sheikh of the mosque, lawyer or medical man

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