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De 25:13; Lu 12:33. Eastern money was often sealed up in bags containing a certain sum, for which they passed current while the seal remained unbroken, 2Ki 12:10.

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(1.) A pocket of a cone-like shape in which Naaman bound two pieces of silver for Gehazi (2Ki 5:23). The same Hebrew word occurs elsewhere only in Isa 3:22, where it is rendered "crisping-pins," but denotes the reticules (or as R.V., "satchels") carried by Hebrew women.

(2.) Another word (kees) so rendered means a bag for carrying weights (De 25:13; Pr 16:11; Mic 6:11). It also denotes a purse (Pr 1:14) and a cup (Pr 23:31).

(3.) Another word rendered "bag" in 1Sa 17:40 is rendered "sack" in Ge 42:25; and in 1Sa 9:7; 21:5 "vessel," or wallet for carrying food.

(4.) The word rendered in the Authorized Version "bags," in which the priests bound up the money contributed for the restoration of the temple (2Ki 12:10), is also rendered "bundle" (Ge 42:35; 1Sa 25:29). It denotes bags used by travellers for carrying money during a journey (Pr 7:20; Hag 1:6).

(5.) The "bag" of Judas was a small box (Joh 12:6; 13:29).

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is the rendering of several words in the Old and New Testaments.

1. Charitim, the "bags" in which Naaman bound up the two talents of silver for Gehazi.

2Ki 5:23

They were long cone-like bags of the size to hold a precise amount of money, and tied or sealed for that amount, as we stamp the value on a coin.

2. Cis, a bag for carrying weights,

De 25:13

also used as a purse

Pr 1:14

3. Celi, in

Ge 42:25

is the "sack" in which Jacob's sons carried the corn which they brought from Egypt.

4. The shepherd's "bag" used by David was for the purpose of carrying the lambs unable to walk.

Zec 11:15,5

5. Tschar, properly a "bundle,"

Ge 42:35

appears to have been used by travellers for carrying money during a long journey.

Pr 7:20

6. The "bag" which Judas carried was probably a small box or chest.

Joh 12:6; 13:29

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BAG, a purse or pouch, De 25:13; 1Sa 17:40; Lu 12:33; Job 14:17. The money collected in the treasuries of eastern princes was reckoned up in certain equal sums, put into bags and sealed. These are, in some parts of the Levant, called purses, where they estimate great expenses by so many purses. The money collected in the temple in the time of Joash, for its reparation, seems, in like manner, to have been told up in bags of equal value; and these were probably delivered sealed to those who paid the workmen, 2Ki 12:10. In the east, in the present day, a bag of money passes, for some time at least, currently from hand to hand, under the authority of a banker's seal, without any examination of its contents. See Tobit 9:5; 11:16.

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