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Reference: Glory, Glorify


Words of great and manifold significance in the Bible, used with reference to God and his works, the Savior and his gospel, the heavenly state, etc. "The glory of God" was often visibly revealed in the old dispensation--some dazzling appearance indicative of his special presence, Ex 16:7-10; 24:9-10,16-17; 33:18-23; 1Ki 8:11; Ps 80:1; Zec 2:5. God's glory is shown in is works, Ps 19:1; Ro 1:19-20. But it is most fully and illustriously displayed in the work of redemption, "in the face of Jesus Christ." "Here the whole Deity is known," Joh 1:14; 2Co 4:6; Heb 1:3. The chief end of the Christian is to live "to the glory of god," so that God may be seen to be most glorious, 1Co 6:20; 1Pe 2:9. The adjuration, "give God the glory," means, confess the truth in view of his omniscience, Jos 7:19; Joh 9:24. The expression, "my glory," Ps 16.9; 30.12; 57.8; 108.1, is equivalent to my soul, or myself, as the parallelism shows.

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