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47 Bible Verses about Peace And Strength

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 147:14

He brings peace to your territory. He abundantly provides for you the best grain.

Isaiah 30:15

For this is what the master, the Lord, the Holy One of Israel says: "If you repented and patiently waited for me, you would be delivered; if you calmly trusted in me you would find strength, but you are unwilling.

Daniel 10:19

He said to me, "Don't be afraid, you who are valued. Peace be to you! Be strong! Be really strong!" When he spoke to me, I was strengthened. I said, "Sir, you may speak now, for you have given me strength."

Psalm 68:35

You are awe-inspiring, O God, as you emerge from your holy temple! It is the God of Israel who gives the people power and strength. God deserves praise!

Psalm 85:8

I will listen to what God the Lord says. For he will make peace with his people, his faithful followers. Yet they must not return to their foolish ways.

Judges 5:31

May all your enemies perish like this, O Lord! But may those who love you shine like the rising sun at its brightest!" And the land had rest for forty years.

Psalm 68:28

God has decreed that you will be powerful. O God, you who have acted on our behalf, demonstrate your power,

Psalm 38:3

My whole body is sick because of your judgment; I am deprived of health because of my sin.

Psalm 20:2

May he send you help from his temple; from Zion may he give you support!

Isaiah 27:5

unless they became my subjects and made peace with me; let them make peace with me.

Job 9:4

He is wise in heart and mighty in strength -- who has resisted him and remained safe?

Daniel 10:18

Then the one who appeared to be a human being touched me again and strengthened me.

Psalm 28:8

The Lord strengthens his people; he protects and delivers his chosen king.

Numbers 6:26

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."'

Isaiah 66:12

For this is what the Lord says: "Look, I am ready to extend to her prosperity that will flow like a river, the riches of nations will flow into her like a stream that floods its banks. You will nurse from her breast and be carried at her side; you will play on her knees.

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