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Theasaurus: Supplication

37 Bible Verses about supplication

Most Relevant Verses

Ephesians 6:19

and for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth with confidence, to make known the mystery of the gospel,

1 Kings 8:45

thou shalt hear in the heavens their prayer and their supplication and do their judgment.

Psalm 86:6

Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer and attend to the voice of my supplications.

Psalm 143:1

Hear my prayer, O LORD; give ear to my supplications for the sake of thy truth; answer me for the sake of thy righteousness.

Jeremiah 36:7

if peradventure their prayer will fall into the presence of the LORD, and they shall turn each one from his evil way; for great is the anger and the fury that the LORD has pronounced against this people.

Daniel 9:23

At the beginning of thy supplications, the word went forth, and I have come to teach it unto thee; for thou art a man greatly beloved: therefore understand the word, and understand the vision.

Psalm 28:2

Hear the voice of my supplications when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward the oracle of thy holiness.

Psalm 102:17

He shall have regarded the prayer of those who are alone and destitute and not despised their prayer.

2 Corinthians 9:14

and in their prayer for you, for they love you because of the eminent grace of God in you.

Psalm 130:2

Lord, hear my voice; let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.

Psalm 6:9

The LORD has heard my supplication; the LORD has received my prayer.

Psalm 30:8

I will cry unto thee, O GOD; and unto the Lord will I make supplication.

1 Kings 8:30

Therefore, thou shalt hearken unto the supplication of thy slave and of thy people Israel when they shall pray in this place and hear in thy dwelling place, from the heavens; please hear and forgive.

Psalm 119:170

Let my supplication come before thee; deliver me according to thy spoken word.

Jeremiah 42:2

and said unto Jeremiah the prophet, Let, we beseech thee, our supplication be accepted before thee, and pray for us unto the LORD thy God, even for all this remnant (for we are left but a few of many, as thine eyes do behold us)

Daniel 6:11

Then these men assembled and found Daniel praying and making supplication before his God.

Hebrews 5:7

Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, was heard because of his reverent fear;

1 Kings 9:3

And the LORD said unto him, I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication that thou hast made in my presence. I have sanctified this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever, and my eyes and my heart shall be there all the days.

2 Chronicles 6:21

Hearken, likewise, unto the supplications of thy slave and of thy people Israel when they shall pray in this place; hear thou from the heavens, from thy dwelling place, even hear and forgive.

1 Kings 8:38

every prayer and every supplication made by any man or by all thy people Israel, when anyone knows the plague of his own heart and spreads forth his hands toward this house,

Exodus 8:28

And Pharaoh said, I will let you go that ye may sacrifice to the LORD your God in the wilderness; only ye shall not go very far away; pray for me.

Jeremiah 7:16

Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee.

Psalm 28:6

Blessed be the LORD because he has heard the voice of my supplications.

Jeremiah 31:9

They shall come with weeping, but with mercies I will cause them to return; I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters in a straight way, in which they shall not stumble; for I shall be a father to Israel, and Ephraim shall be my firstborn.

1 Kings 8:28

Yet have thou respect unto the prayer of thy slave and to his supplication, O LORD my God, to hearken unto the cry and to the prayer, which thy slave prays before thee today,