The Soul

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Psalm 22:20

Deliver my life from the sword, my very life from the power of the dog.

Psalm 116:7

Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Psalm 33:19

to deliver them from death and to keep them alive in famine.

Psalm 49:8

since the price of redeeming him is too costly, one should forever stop trying-

Proverbs 10:3

The Lord will not let the righteous go hungry, but He denies the wicked what they crave.

Psalm 142:7

Free me from prison so that I can praise Your name. The righteous will gather around me because You deal generously with me.

Psalm 49:7

Yet these cannot redeem a person or pay his ransom to God-

Psalm 84:2

I long and yearn for the courts of the Lord; my heart and flesh cry out for the living God.

Psalm 6:3

my whole being is shaken with terror. And You, Lord-how long?

Deuteronomy 13:3

do not listen to that prophet's words or to that dreamer. For the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul.

Hebrews 10:39

But we are not those who draw back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and obtain life.

Jeremiah 31:14

I will give the priests their fill with abundance, and My people will be satisfied with My goodness. [This is] the Lord's declaration.

Psalm 26:9

Do not destroy me along with sinners, or my life along with men of bloodshed

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