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'Divide' in the Bible

So Abram brought all these to Him and cut them down the middle, and laid each half opposite the other; but he did not cut the birds.

“Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce;And their wrath, for it was cruel.I will divide and disperse them in Jacob,And scatter them in [the midst of the land of] Israel.

As for you, lift up your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it, so that the sons of Israel may go through the middle of the sea on dry land.

“The enemy said, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil;My desire shall be satisfied against them;I will draw my sword, my hand shall dispossess them and drive them out.’

“If one man’s ox injures another’s so that it dies, then they shall sell the live ox and divide the proceeds equally; they shall also divide the dead ox [between them].

Nevertheless, you are not to eat these, among those which chew the cud or divide the hoof: the camel, because it chews the cud but does not divide the hoof; it is [ceremonially] unclean to you.

And the shaphan, because it chews the cud but does not divide the hoof; it is unclean to you.

And the hare, because it chews the cud but does not divide the hoof; it is unclean to you.

Divide the spoil into two [equal] parts between those who were involved in the war, that is, those who went out to battle and all [the rest of] the congregation.

“These are the names of the men who shall divide the land among you as an inheritance: Eleazar the priest and Joshua the son of Nun.

You shall take one leader from every tribe to divide the land for the inheritance.

These are the [twelve] men whom the Lord commanded [to work with Joshua and Eleazar] to divide the inheritance to the sons of Israel in the land of Canaan.

However, you are not to eat any of these [animals] among those which chew the cud, or among those that divide the hoof in two: the camel, the hare and the shaphan, for though they chew the cud, they do not split the hoof; they are unclean for you.

You shall prepare and maintain for yourself the roads [to these cities], and divide the territory of your land into three parts, so that anyone who kills another unintentionally may escape there [for asylum].

So now, divide this land [west of the Jordan] as an inheritance for the nine tribes and the half-tribe of Manasseh.”

They shall divide it into seven parts; [the tribe of] Judah shall remain in its territory on the south, and the house of Joseph shall remain in its territory on the north.

and he said to them, “Return to your tents with great riches and with very much livestock, with silver, gold, bronze, iron, and with very many clothes; divide the spoil of your enemies with your brothers (fellow tribesmen).”

The king said to him, “Why speak anymore of your affairs? I have said, ‘You and Ziba shall divide the land.’”

Then the woman whose child was the living one spoke to the king, for she was deeply moved over her son, “O my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill him.” But the other said, “He shall be neither mine nor yours; cut him!”

He may prepare it, but the just will wear itAnd the innocent will divide the silver.

“Will traders bargain over him?Will they divide him up among the merchants?

God has spoken in His holiness [in His promises]:“I will rejoice, I will divide [the land of] Shechem and measure out the Valley of Succoth [west to east].

You divided the [Red] Sea by Your strength;You broke the heads of the sea monsters in the waters.

It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowlyThan to divide the spoil with the proud (haughty, arrogant).

Give a portion to seven, or even [divide it] to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.

You [O God] will increase the nation,You will multiply their joy;They will rejoice before YouLike the joy and jubilation of the harvest,As men rejoice when they divide the spoil [of victory].

Which sends ambassadors by the sea,Even in vessels of papyrus on the surface of the waters.Go, swift messengers, to a nation [of people] tall and smooth (clean shaven),To a people feared far and wide,A powerful and oppressive nationWhose land the rivers divide.

At that time a gift of homage will be brought to the Lord of hostsFrom a people tall and smooth (clean shaven),From a people feared far and wide,A powerful and oppressive nation,Whose land the rivers divide—To the place [of worship] of the name of the Lord of hosts, to Mount Zion [in Jerusalem].

Therefore, I will divide and give Him a portion with the great [kings and rulers],And He shall divide the spoils with the mighty,Because He [willingly] poured out His life to death,And was counted among the transgressors;Yet He Himself bore and took away the sin of many,And interceded [with the Father] for the transgressors.

“And you [Ezekiel], son of man, take a sharp sword and use it as a barber’s razor and shave your head and your beard. Then take scales for weighing and divide the hair [into three parts].

“Moreover, when you divide the land by lot for inheritance, you shall [set apart and] offer an allotment (contribution) to the Lord, a holy portion of the land [to be used for sacred purposes]. The length shall be 25,000 cubits, and the width shall be 20,000 cubits. It shall be holy (set apart for sacred use) within its every area.

Thus says the Lord God, “This shall be the boundary by which you shall divide the land as an inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel; Joseph shall have two portions.

You shall divide it as an inheritance, each one equally with the other. I lifted up My hand and swore to give it to your fathers, and this land shall fall to you as an inheritance.

“So you shall divide this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel.

You shall divide it by lot as an inheritance among yourselves and among the foreigners who stay among you, who give birth to sons among you. They shall be to you as the native-born [in the country] among the children (descendants) of Israel; they shall be allotted an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.

This is the land which you shall divide by lot among the tribes of Israel as their inheritance, and these are their several portions,” says the Lord God.

He will act against the strongest fortresses with the help of a foreign god; he will give great honor to those who acknowledge him and he will cause them to rule over the many, and will parcel out land for a price.

Someone from the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me.”

When Jesus heard this, He said to him, “You still lack one thing; sell everything that you have and distribute the money to the poor, and you will have [abundant] treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me [becoming My disciple, believing and trusting in Me and walking the same path of life that I walk].”

And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He said, “Take this and share it among yourselves;

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Usage: 42

cleave , ...up , divide , rent , ... out , break through , rend , breach , asunder , hatch , brake , burst , cleft , break forth , pieces , tare , tear , win
Usage: 51

Usage: 2

Usage: 13

Usage: 65

חצב חצב 
Usage: 25

Usage: 15

Usage: 59

Usage: 434

Usage: 9

Usage: 4

P@lag (Aramaic) 
Usage: 1

P@lag (Aramaic) 
Usage: 1

Usage: 26

Usage: 14

P@rac (Aramaic) 
Usage: 3

Usage: 51

Usage: 13

Usage: 5

Usage: 3

Usage: 1

Usage: 7

divide by lot
Usage: 1

Usage: 8

Usage: 2

Usage: 0

Usage: 1

Usage: 9