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'Power' in the Bible

And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD.

There the wicked have ceased troubling, And there rest do the wearied in power.

So he delivers from the sword of their mouth the poor from the power of the mighty.

In famine he shall redeem thee from death: and in war from the power of the sword.

that He would decide to crush me, to unleash His power and cut me off!

What is my power that I should hope? And what mine end That I should prolong my life?

Is not my power to help myself nothing, and has not every resource been driven from me?

Is it because I said, Give to me? And, By your power bribe for me?

or Deliver me from the enemy's power or Redeem me from the grasp of the ruthless?

"If your sons sinned against Him, Then He delivered them into the power of their transgression.

Wise in heart and strong in power -- Who hath hardened toward Him and is at peace?

If of power, lo, the Strong One; And if of judgment -- who doth convene me?

The land is given into the power of the evil-doer; the faces of its judges are covered; if not by him, then who has done it?

If I am proud, You hunt me like a lion and again display Your miraculous power against me.

The tents of robbers are safe, and those who provoke God are secure; God's power provides this.

True wisdom and power belong to Him. The deceived and the deceiver are His.

He puts shame on chiefs, and takes away the power of the strong;

God gives me over to the power of sinners, sending me violently into the hands of evil-doers.

In the fullness of his excess {he will be in distress}; all of misery's power will come [upon] him.

But notice, [you say] the prosperity of the wicked is not in their power; the mystery [of God's dealings] with the ungodly is far from my comprehension.

But [you, Job] the man with power possessed the land, and the favored and accepted man dwelt in it.

Will he plead against me with his great power? No; but he would put strength in me.

He draweth also the mighty with his power: he riseth up, and no man is sure of life.

Rule and power are his; he makes peace in his high places.

How hast thou helped him that is without power? how savest thou the arm that hath no strength?

He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud.

I will teach you about God's power. I will not conceal what the Almighty has planned.

"For it will hurl at him without sparing; He will surely try to flee from its power.

I was eyes to the blind, and feet to him who had no power of walking.

Also -- the power of their hands, why is it to me? On them hath old age perished.

By the abundance of power, Is my clothing changed, As the mouth of my coat it doth gird me.

For I feared destruction from God, against whose highness I could have no power.

"People cry out because of the excess of oppression; they cry out for help because of the power of the mighty.

Doth He value thy riches? He hath gold, and all the forces of power.

Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teacheth like him?

After it a voice is sounding, thundering out the word of his power; he does not keep back his thunder-flames; from his mouth his voice is sounding.

For to snow He saith, 'Be on the earth.' And the small rain and great rain of His power.

God seals up (stops, brings to a standstill by severe weather) the hand of every man [and now under His seal their hands are forced to inactivity], that all men whom He has made may know His doings (His sovereign power and their subjection to it).

Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out: he is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice: he will not afflict.

Dost thou know the ordinances of the heavens? Canst thou use its power in the earth?

Dost thou trust in him because great is his power? And dost thou leave unto him thy labour?

"Do you give power to the horse? Do you clothe its neck [with] a mane?

They dig in a valley, and he rejoiceth in power, He goeth forth to meet the armour.

Put on the ornaments of your pride; be clothed with glory and power:

Look at the strength of his loins and the power in the muscles of his belly.

[The hippopotamus] is the first [in magnitude and power] of the works of God [in animal life]; [only] He Who made him provides him with his [swordlike tusks, or only God Who made him can bring near His sword to master him].

I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion.

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Usage: 114

Usage: 61

זרעה זרועה זרע זרוע 
Usage: 91

Usage: 243

Chayil (Aramaic) 
Usage: 7

Checen (Aramaic) 
Usage: 2

hand , by , consecrate , him , power , them , places , tenons , thee , coast , side ,
Usage: 1612

Yad (Aramaic) 
Usage: 17

כּוח כּח 
Usage: 126

Usage: 16

Usage: 81

Usage: 22

עוז עז 
Usage: 55

Usage: 2

Usage: 20

Usage: 1

Usage: 8

Sh@let (Aramaic) 
Usage: 7

Shiltown (Aramaic) 
Usage: 2

Usage: 4

Usage: 3

Usage: 3

Usage: 95

Usage: 26

Usage: 3

Usage: 79

Usage: 3

Usage: 20

Usage: 10

Usage: 12

Usage: 3

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