1 And the word of Jehovah will be to me, saying, 2 Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abomination, 3 And say, Thus said the Lord Jehovah to Jerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity from the land of the Canaanite; thy father the Amorite, and thy mother a Hittite. 4 And thy nativity, in the day thou wert born thy navel was not cut, and thou wert not washed in water for my looking upon; and salting, thou welt not salted, and swathing, thou wert not swathed. 5 No eye spared upon thee to do one of these to thee, to pity upon thee; and thou wilt be east to the face of the field in loathing of thy soul in the day of bringing thee forth.
6 And I shall pass by thee and see thee being trodden under foot in thy bloods, and saying to thee in thy bloods, Live; and saying to thee in thy bloods, Live. 7 I gave thee ten thousand as the sprout of the field, and thou shalt be multiplied and enlarged, and come into ornament of ornaments: the breasts were set, and thy hair sprang up, and thou wert naked and nakedness.
8 And I shall pass by thee and see thee, and behold, thy time the time of loves; and I shall spread my wing over thee and cover thy nakedness: and I shall swear to thee, and come into covenant with thee, says the Lord Jehovah, and thou shalt be to me. 9 And I will wash thee in water, and I will wash thy bloods from off thee, and I will cover thee with oil. 10 And I will clothe thee with variegations, and shoe thee with tahash, and I will bind thee round with fine linen, and cover thee with silk. 11 And I shall deck thee with ornaments, and I shall give bracelets upon thy hands and a chain upon thy throat 12 And I will give a ring upon thy nose, and earrings for thine ears, and a crown of glory upon thy head. 13 And thou shalt be decked with gold and silver, and thy clothing fine linen and silk, and variegation; fine flour and honey and oil thou didst eat; and thou wilt be fair, very exceedingly, and thou wilt prosper into a kingdom. 14 And a name went forth to thee among the nations in thy beauty: for it was perfected by my decoration which I put upon thee, says the Lord Jehovah
15 And thou wilt trust in thy beauty, and commit fornication upon thy name, and thou wilt pour out thy fornications upon every one passing by; to him it will be. 16 And thou wilt take from thy garments and make to thee heights being spotted, and thou wilt commit fornication upon them: thou earnest not in, and it shall not be. 17 And thou wilt take all thy ornaments from my gold and from my silver, which I gave to thee, and thou wilt make to thee images of a male and commit fornication with them. 18 And thou wilt take thy garments of variegations and cover them: and thou gavest mine oil and mine incense before them. 19 And my bread which I gave to thee, fine flour and oil and honey I gave thee to eat, and thou didst give it before them for an odor of sweetness: and it will be, says the Lord Jehovah.
20 And thou wilt take thy sons and thy daughters which thou didst bear to me, and thou wilt sacrifice them for these to eat From thy fornication is it small? 21 And thou wilt slaughter my sons and give them in causing them to pass through for them. 22 And with all thine abominations and thy fornications thou didst not remember the days of thy youth, in thy being naked and nakedness, and thou wert trod under foot in thy blood.
23 And it will be after all thine evil, Wo, wo to thee! says the Lord Jehovah 24 Thou wilt build to thee a brothel, and thou wilt make to thee a height in every street 25 At every head of the way thou didst build thy height, and thou wilt cause thy beauty to be abhorred, and thou wilt open wide thy feet to every one passing by, and thou wilt multiply thy fornication. 26 And thou wilt commit fornication with the sons of Egypt thy neighbors, great of flesh: and thou wilt multiply thy fornications to irritate me.
27 And behold, I stretched forth my hand upon thee, and I will take away thy law, and I will give thee to the soul of those hating thee, the daughters of the rovers, being ashamed of thy way of wickedness. 28 And thou wilt commit fornication with the sons of Assur, from thy not being satisfied; and thou wilt commit fornication with them, and thou wert not satisfied. 29 And thou wilt multiply thy fornination at the land of Canaan with the Chaldeans, and also thou wert not satisfied with this,
30 How thy heart languished, says the Lord Jehovah, in thy doing all these, the work of a woman, an imperious harlot; 31 In thy building thy brothel in the head of every way, and thou madest thy height in every street; and thou wert not as a harlot to scorn a gift 32 The wife committing adultery, instead of her husband she will take strangers 33 To all committing fornication they will give liberal gifts: and thou gavest thy liberal gifts to all loving thee, and thou wilt make them a present to come in to thee from round about in thy fornications 34 And it will be in thee the reverse from women in thy fornications, and none committing fornication after thee: and in thy giving liberal gifts, and none giving liberal gifts to thee; and thou wilt be for the reverse.
35 For this, O harlot, hear the word of Jehovah: 36 Thus said the Lord Jehovah Because thy brass was poured out, and thy nakedness will be uncovered in thy fornications to those loving thee, and to all the blocks of thine abominations, and according to the bloods of thy sons which thou gavest to them; 37 For this, behold me gathering all those loving thee whom thou wert pleasant to them, and all whom thou lovedst, with all whom thou hatedst; and I gathered them against thee from round about, and I uncovered thy nakedness to them, and they saw all thy nakedness 38 And I judged thee with judgments of those committing adultery and pouring out blood; and I gave thee blood of wrath and jealousy. 39 And I gave thee into their hand, and they pulled down thy brothel, and they broke down thy heights, and they stripped thee of thy garments, and they took all thy glory, and they left thee naked and nakedness. 40 And they brought up a convocation against thee, and they stoned thee with stone, and they cut thee in pieces with their swords. 41 And they burnt thy houses with fire, and they did judgments upon thee before the eyes of many women: and I caused thee to cease from a harlot, and also thou shalt no more give hire. 42 And I caused my wrath against thee to rest, and my jealousy departed from thee, and I will no more be irritated. 43 Because that thou didst not remember the days of thy youth, and thou wilt disquiet me in all these; and lo, I also gave thy way upon the head, says the Lord Jehovah: and thou didst not do wickedness upon all thine abominations.
44 Behold, all using parables will use a parable against thee, saying, As the mother, the daughter.
45 Thou thy mother's daughter loathing her husband and her sons; and thou the sister of thy sisters who loathed their husbands and their sons: your mother a Hittite, and your father an Amorite. 46 Thine elder sister, Shomeron, she and her daughter dwelling upon thy left hand: and thy sister smaller than thou, dwelling from thy right hand, Sodom and her daughters. 47 And thou wentest not in their ways, and thou didst not their abominations: loathing as a little, and thou wilt be corrupted above them in all thy ways.
48 I live, says the Lord Jehovah, if Sodom thy sister did, she and her daughters, as thou didst, thou and thy daughters. 49 Behold, this was the iniquity of Sodom thy sister, pride, fulness of bread, security of rest was to her and to her daughters, and she strengthened not the hand of the poor and needy. 50 And they will be proud, and they will do abomination before me: and I shall take them away according to what I saw. 51 And Shomeron sinned not according to half thy sins: and thou wilt multiply thine abominations above them, and thou wilt justify thy sisters in all thine abominations which thou didst. 52 And thou also bear thy shame, who didst judge for thy sisters in thy sins which thou didst make abominable above them: they shall be justified more than thou: and also thou, be thou ashamed and bear thy shame in thy justifying thy sisters.
53 And I turned back their captivity, the captivity of Sodom and her daughters, and the captivity of Shomeron and her daughters, and the captivity of thy captivities in their midst: 54 So that thou shalt bear thy shame, and thou wert made ashamed of all which thou didst in thy comforting them. 55 And thy sisters, Sodom and her daughters, shall turn back to their beginning, and Shomeron and her daughters shall turn back to their beginning, and thou and thy daughters shall turn back to your beginning. 56 And thy sister Sodom was not for a hearing in thy mouth in the day of thy pride. 57 Before thine evil shall be uncovered as the time of reproach of the daughters of Aram and all round about her, the daughters of the rovers despising thee from round about 58 Thy wickedness and thine abominations, thou didst bear them, says Jehovah.
59 For thus said the Lord Jehovah: And doing with thee according as thou didst who despised the oath to break the covenant 60 And I remembered my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth, and I set up to thee an eternal covenant 61 And thou didst remember thy ways, and thou wert ashamed in thy receiving thy sisters great above thee, to the younger than thee: and I gave them to thee for daughters, and not from thy covenant 62 And I set up my covenant with thee, and thou knewest that I am Jehovah. 63 So that thou shalt remember, and thou wert ashamed, and there shall no more be to thee an opening of the mouth from the face of thy shame in my expiating for thee for all which thou didst, says the Lord Jehovah.