1 I made a covenant with mine eyes, that I would not look upon a damsel. 2 For how great a portion shall I have of God from above? And what inheritance from the Almighty on high? 3 As for the ungodly and he that joineth himself to the company of wicked doers: shall not destruction and misery come upon him? 4 Doth not he see my ways, and tell all my goings?
5 If I have cleaved unto vanity, or if my feet have run to deceive, 6 let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may see my innocence.
7 If so be that I have withdrawn my foot out of the right way, if my heart hath followed mine eyesight, if I have stained or defiled my hands, 8 then shall I sow, and another eat; yea, my generation and posterity shall be clean rooted out.
9 "If my heart hath lusted after my neighbour's wife, or if I have laid wait at his door: 10 O then let my wife be another man's harlot and let others lie with her. 11 For this is a wickedness and sin, that is worthy to be punished; 12 yea, a fire that utterly should consume, and root out all my substance.
13 Did I ever think scorn to do right unto my servants and maidens, when they had any matter against me? 14 But seeing that God will sit in judgment, what shall I do? And for so much as he will needs visit me, what answer shall I give him? 15 He that fashioned me in my mother's womb, made he not him also? Were we not both shapen alike in our mother's bodies?
16 "When the poor desireth anything of me, have I denied it them? Have I caused the widow stand waiting for me in vain? 17 Have I eaten my portion alone, that the fatherless hath had no part with me? 18 For mercy grew up with me from my youth, and compassion from my mother's womb. 19 Have I seen any man perish through nakedness and want of clothing? Or any poor man for lack of raiment, 20 whose sides thanked me not, because he was warmed with the wool of my sheep? 21 Did I ever lift up my hand to hurt the fatherless; yea, in the gates where I saw myself to be in authority? 22 Then let mine arm fall from my shoulder, and mine arm holes be broken from the joints. 23 For I have ever feared the vengeance and punishment of God, and knew very well that I was not able to bear his burden.
24 "Have I put my trust in gold? Or, have I said to the finest gold of all, 'Thou art my confidence?' 25 Have I rejoiced because my substance was great, and because my hand gat so much? 26 Did I ever greatly regard the rising of the sun? Or, had I the going down of the moon in great reputation? 27 Hath my heart meddled privily with any deceit? Or, did I ever kiss mine own hand? 28 That were a wickedness worth to be punished, for then should I have denied the God that is above.
29 Have I ever rejoiced at the hurt of mine enemy? Or was I ever glad, that any harm happened to him? Oh no. 30 I never suffered my mouth to do such a sin, as to wish him evil. 31 Yet they of mine own household say, 'Who shall let us to have our belly full of his flesh?' 32 I have not suffered a stranger to lie without, but opened my doors unto him. 33 "Have I kept secret my sin, and hid mine iniquity as Adam did? 34 For if I had feared any great multitude of people, or if I had been despised of the simple; Oh then should I have been afraid. Thus have I quietly spent my life, and not gone out at the door.
35 O that I had one which would hear me. Lo, this is my cause: Let the almighty give me answer, and let him that is my contrary party, sue me with libel. 36 Then shall I take it upon my shoulder, and as a garland about my head. 37 I have told the number of my goings, and delivered them unto him as to a prince.
38 But if cause be that my land cry against me, or that the furrows thereof make any complaint; 39 if I have eaten the fruits thereof unpaid for, yea if I have grieved any of the plowmen; 40 then let thistles grow instead of my wheat, and thorns for my barley."