1 The wise woman built her house but the foolish will pull it down with her hands.
2 He going in his uprightness will fear Jehovah: and he perverted in his ways, despised him.
3 In the month of the foolish one a rod of pride: and the lips of the wise shall watch them.
4 In no oxen the stall clean, and much increase in the strength of the ox.
5 A witness of faithfulnesses will not lie: and a witness of falsehood will breathe out lies.
6 He mocking sought wisdom, and none: and knowledge being easy to him understanding.
7 Go from before to the foolish man and thou knewest not the lips of knowledge.
8 The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: and the folly of the foolish is deceit
9 The foolish will mock at guilt: and between the upright acceptance.
10 The heart will know the bitterness of its soul, and in its joys the stranger shall not mingle.
11 The house of the unjust shall be destroyed: and the tent of the upright shall flourish.
12 There is a way straight before man, and its latter state the ways of death.
13 Also in laughter the heart shall have pain, and its latter state of joy, grief.
14 He drawing back the heart shall be filled from his ways: and a good man from above him.
15 The simple will believe to every word: and the prudent will understand to his going.
16 The wise one feared and departed from evil: and the foolish overflowing, and being confident .
17 He reaping anger will do folly: and a man of mischiefs will be hated.
18 The simple inherit folly: and the prudent shall be surrounded with knowledge.
19 The evil bowed before the good, and the unjust at the gates of the just one.
20 Also the poor shall be hated by his neighbor: and many loving the rich one.
21 He despising to his neighbor, sins: and he compassionating the poor, he is happy.
22 Shall they not go astray, seeking evil? and mercy, and truth to those seeking good.
23 In all labor will be profit: and the word of the lips only to want
24 The crown of the wise is their riches: the folly of the foolish, folly.
25 A witness of truth delivers souls: and deceit will breathe out lies.
26 In the fear of Jehovah the trust of strength, and to his sons a refuge.
27 The fear of Jehovah a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.
28 In a multitude of people the king's decoration: and in the cessation of the people the destruction of the prince.
29 The slow to anger of much understanding: and the short of spirit exalts folly.
30 A heart of healing, the life of the flesh: and jealousy the rottenness of the bones.
31 He oppressing the poor reproached him making him: and he honoring him compassionated the needy.
32 The unjust one shall be driven away in his evil: and the just one trusted in his death.
33 In the heart of him understanding, wisdom shall rest: and in the midst of fools it shall be made known.
34 Justice will exalt a nation: and sin a reproach to nations.
35 The acceptance of the king to a servant of understanding: and his wrath shall be to him causing shame.