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'Generation To Generation' in the Bible

Which the Lord said the children of Israel were to give them, on the day when he made them his priests. It is their right for ever from generation to generation.

Never drink beer or wine when you or your sons enter the sacred tent. If you do, you will die right there! This is a long lasting law from generation to generation.

They shall bring the hind leg and the breast at the time the fat is presented as a food offering to Jehovah. These parts belong to you and your children from generation to generation, just as Jehovah commanded.

Do none of your daily work. Gather for worship. Your descendants are to observe this regulation from generation to generation, no matter where they live.

And let this feast be kept before the Lord for seven days in the year: it is a rule for ever from generation to generation; in the seventh month let it be kept.

But a field that belongs to their cities must not be sold, because it is their property from generation to generation.

Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute - public domain