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'Through the Spirit' in the Bible

after giving instructions through the Spirit to the apostles whom he had chosen, he was taken up to heaven.

and one of them, by name Agabus, having stood up, did signify through the Spirit a great dearth is about to be throughout all the world -- which also came to pass in the time of Claudius Caesar --

And finding disciples, we tarried there seven days: who said to Paul through the Spirit, that he should not go up to Jerusalem.

And all this describes what some of you were. But now you have had every stain washed off: now you have been set apart as holy: now you have been pronounced free from guilt; in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and through the Spirit of our God.

But as at that time he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born through the Spirit, so it is now.

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