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strength, security, height, etc. (cf. Stanley, P Sinai and Palestine, Appendix). The rocks named in OT are Oreb (Jg 7:25; Isa 10:26), Etam (Jg 15:8), Rimmon (Jg 20:45; 21:13), the crags Bozez and Seneh (1Sa 14:4), Sela-hammahlekoth (1Sa 23:28). In 2Ki 14:7; Isa 16:1; 42:11 'the Rock' (RV 'Sela') is a proper name. Sela or Petra, the rock-city par excellence; in Jg 1:36 (Revised Version margin 'Sela') the identification is doubtful; es-Safieh, 'a bare and dazzling white sandstone promontory 1000 ft. high,' near the south of the Dead Sea, is probably intended. Rocks were the haunt of the eagle (Job 39:28), of the wild goat (v. 1), or the coney (Pr 30:28); cf. Ps 104:18; 30:12 refers to the mysterious gliding of the serpent over a rock; Am 6:12, to the proverbial impossibility of horses running over crags. De 32:13 emphasizes the fact that in Palestine even the rocks are the home of bees (Ps 81:16; Isa 7:19), and the rocky soil produces olives (Job 29:6). Besides this natural marvel, we have the miracles of Ex 17:6; Nu 20:8 etc. In 1Co 10:4 St. Paul follows a wide-spread Jewish hagg

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