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Or SCRIPTURES, the writings, that is, by eminence; the inspired writings, comprising the Old and New Testaments. See BIBLE.


invariably in the New Testament denotes that definite collection of sacred books, regarded as given by inspiration of God, which we usually call the Old Testament (2Ti 3:15-16; Joh 20:9; Ga 3:22; 2Pe 1:20). It was God's purpose thus to perpetuate his revealed will. From time to time he raised up men to commit to writing in an infallible record the revelation he gave. The "Scripture," or collection of sacred writings, was thus enlarged from time to time as God saw necessary. We have now a completed "Scripture," consisting of the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament canon in the time of our Lord was precisely the same as that which we now possess under that name. He placed the seal of his own authority on this collection of writings, as all equally given by inspiration (Mt 5:17; 7:12; 22:40; Lu 16:29,31). (See Bible; Canon.)

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1. The word 'Scripture' (Lat. scriptura, 'a writing,' 'something written') is used for the Bible as a whole, more often in the plural form 'Scriptures,' and also more properly for a passage of the Bible. It appears as tr of the Greek graph

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This word occurs but once in the Old Testament, where an angel speaks of 'the scripture of truth.' Da 10:21. In the New Testament the various parts of the Old Testament are referred to as 'the scriptures'; they are the 'holy scriptures,' 2Ti 3:15; they must needs be fulfilled; they cannot be broken. Joh 10:35; Ac 17:2,11. Some erred because they did not know the scriptures. Mt 22:29. And 'all scripture' is God-inspired, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect, or complete, fully fitted to every good work. 2Ti 3:16-17. It is in short a God-inspired and infallible revelation to man, and especially to those who are by grace in relationship with Him. As in a nation 'the records' are referred to as authority, so in the church, it is 'the scriptures' that bind the conscience, and should be an end of all controversy. To understand them the teaching of the Holy Spirit is needed, for "the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life."

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SCRIPTURE, a term most commonly used to denote the writings of the Old and New Testament, which are sometimes called The Scriptures, sometimes the sacred or holy writings, and sometimes canonical scripture. See BIBLE.