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Theasaurus: Devotion

42 Bible Verses about devotion

Most Relevant Verses

1 Corinthians 7:35

An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the affairs of the Lord, so that she may be holy in body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world, that is, about how she can please her husband. I'm saying this for your benefit, not to put a noose around your necks, but to promote good order and unhindered devotion to the Lord.

Ecclesiastes 12:12

So learn from them, my son. There is no end to the crafting of many books, and too much study wearies the body.

Psalm 59:10

My God of Gracious Love will meet me; God will enable me to see what happens to my enemies.

Psalm 86:13

For great is your gracious love to me; you've delivered me from the depths of Sheol.

Psalm 89:2

I will declare that your gracious love was established forever; in the heavens itself, you have established your faithfulness.

Psalm 108:4

For your gracious love extends to the sky, and your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

Psalm 69:16

Answer me, LORD, for your gracious love is good; Turn to me in keeping with your great compassion,

Acts 17:23

For as I was walking around and looking closely at the objects you worship, I even found an altar with this written on it: "To an unknown god.' So I am telling you about the unknown object you worship.

Psalm 92:2

to proclaim your gracious love in the morning and your faithfulness at night,

Psalm 145:7

They will extol the fame of your abundant goodness, and will sing out loud about your righteousness.

Job 6:14

The friend shows gracious love for his friend, even if he has forsaken the fear of the Almighty.

Isaiah 38:3

"Please, LORD," he said, "Remember how I have walked before you faithfully and with a true heart, and I have done what pleases you." And Hezekiah wept bitterly.

Psalm 44:7

For you delivered us from our oppressors and put to shame those who hate us.

Psalm 119:41

May your gracious love come to me, LORD, your salvation, just as you said.

Psalm 136:4

To the one who alone does great and wondrous things, for his gracious love is everlasting

Psalm 89:24

My faithfulness and gracious love will be with him, and in my name his power will be exalted.

Proverbs 21:21

Whoever pursues righteousness and gracious love finds life, righteousness, and honor.

2 Samuel 2:6

Now may the Lord reward you with gracious love, as well as faithfulness, to you, too! And I will also reward you because you did this good thing.

Psalm 57:10

For your gracious love is great, extending even to the heavens, and your truth even to the skies.

Psalm 25:6

Remember, LORD, your tender mercies and your gracious love; indeed, they are eternal!

Micah 7:20

You will remain true to Jacob, and merciful to Abraham, as you promised our ancestors long ago.

Psalm 100:5

for the LORD is good and his gracious love stands forever. His faithfulness remains from generation to generation. A Davidic Psalm

Psalm 36:10

Send forth your gracious love to those who know you, and your righteousness to those who are upright in heart.

Psalm 136:23

He it is who remembered us in our lowly circumstances, for his gracious love is everlasting

Psalm 136:25

He gives food to all creatures, for his gracious love is everlasting.

2 Chronicles 25:2

He practiced what the LORD considered to be right, but not with a perfect heart.

From Thematic Bible

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Isaiah 26:9

My soul yearns for you in the night; my spirit within me searches for you. For when your judgments come upon the earth, the world's inhabitants learn righteousness.

Psalm 88:13

As for me, I cry out to you LORD, and in the morning my prayer greets you.

Topics on Devotion

Devotion To God


Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the first of all your produce,

God Remembering Devotion


"As for the sacrifices that you, your ancestors, your kings, your officials, and the people of the land offered in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem, the LORD remembered them, did he not? And they came to his attention, did they not?

Morning Devotions


They got up early the next morning and worshipped in the LORD's presence, and then they returned and came to their house at Ramah. Elkanah had marital relations with his wife Hannah, and the LORD remembered her.

Orderliness In Personal Devotion


Therefore, let's not fall asleep like others do, but let's stay awake and be sober.

Youthful Devotion


So remember your Creator during your youth! Otherwise, troublesome days will come and years will creep up on you when you'll say, "I find no pleasure in them,"

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