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Theasaurus: Blessing

46 Bible Verses about Blessing

Most Relevant Verses

Numbers 6:24-26

May the LORD bless you and guard you. May the LORD's face enlighten you and bestow favor on you. May the LORD turn to face you, lavishing peace on you!

Hebrews 7:7

It is beyond dispute that the less important person is blessed by the more important person.

Proverbs 24:25

But as for people who rebuke the wicked; a good blessing will fall upon them.

Zechariah 11:10

Then I took the staff that I had named "Pleasant" and broke it, showing I was breaking my covenant that I had made with all of the people.

Zechariah 11:7

So I became shepherd of the flock marked for slaughter, paying attention to the oppressed of the flock. I took two staffs naming one "Pleasant" and the other one "Union" - and then I pastured the flock.

From Thematic Bible

Blessing » Temporal » From God » israelites » Supplying » Manna

Exodus 16:14

When the layer of dew evaporated, on the surface of the desert a fine flaky substance, as fine as frost, appeared on the ground.

Exodus 16:31

The Israelis named it "manna". It was white like coriander seed, and tasted like a wafer made with honey.

Numbers 11:7-9

Now manna was reminiscent of coriander seed, with an appearance similar to amber. People would go out to gather it, then they would grind it in mills or pound it in mortars, and then they would boil it in pots or make cakes out of it that tasted like butter cakes. When the dew fell in the camp, the manna came with it.

Nehemiah 9:15

You gave them food from heaven for their hunger and water from the rock for their thirst. You directed them to enter and possess the land that you had promised to give them.

Psalm 78:23-24

Yet he commanded the skies above and the doors of the heavens to open, so that manna rained down on them for food and he sent them the grain of heaven.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » israelites » Supplying » Water

Numbers 20:10-11

Then Moses and Aaron gathered the community together in front of the rock. "Pay attention, you rebels!" Moses told them. "Are we to bring you water from this rock?" Then Moses raised his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod. Lots of water gushed out, and both the community and their cattle were able to drink.

Exodus 17:1-7

The whole congregation of the Israelis set out from the desert of Sin, traveling from place to place according to the command of the LORD. They camped at Rephidim, but there was no water for the people to drink. The people quarreled with Moses: "Give us water to drink." Moses told them, "Why are you quarreling with me? Why are you testing the LORD?" But the people were thirsty there for water, so they complained against Moses: "Why did you bring us up from Egypt to kill us, our children, and our livestock with thirst?" read more.
So Moses cried out to the LORD: "What am I to do with these people? Just a little more and they'll stone me." Then the LORD told Moses, "Go over in front of the people and take some of the elders of Israel with you. Take in your hand the staff with which you struck the Nile, and go. I'll be standing there in front of you on the rock at Horeb. You are to strike the rock and water will come out of it, so the people can drink." Moses did this in front of the elders of Israel. He named the place Massah and Meribah, because the Israelis quarreled and tested the LORD by saying: "Is the LORD really among us or not?"

Psalm 78:15-20

He caused the rocks to split in the wilderness, and gave them water as from an abundant sea. He brought streams from rock, causing water to flow like a river. But time and again, they sinned against him, rebelling against the Most High in the desert. read more.
To test God was in their minds, when they demanded food to satisfy their cravings. They spoke against God by asking, "Is God able to prepare a feast in the desert? It's true that Moses struck the rock so that water flowed forth and torrents of water gushed out, but is he also able to give bread or to supply meat for his people?"

Psalm 105:41

He opened a rock, and water gushed out flowing like a river in the desert.

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Elijah

1 Kings 17:20-21

Then he called out to the LORD and asked him, "LORD my God, have you also brought evil to this dear widow with whom I am living as her guest? Have you caused the death of her son?" Then he stretched himself three times and cried out to the LORD, "LORD my God, please cause the soul of this little boy to return to him."

1 Kings 18:42

So Ahab got up to get something to eat and drink while Elijah went back up to the top of Mount Carmel, where he bowed low to the ground and placed his face between his knees.

1 Kings 18:44

But Elijah told him to go back seven times. On the seventh look, he said, "Look! There's a cloud, a small one, about the size of a man's hand. It's coming up out of the sea!" "Get up and find Ahab!" Elijah said. "Tell him, "Mount your chariot and ride down the mountain so the storm doesn't stop you.'"

James 5:17-18

Elijah was a person just like us, and he prayed earnestly for it not to rain, and rain never came to the land for three years and six months. Then he prayed again, and the skies poured out rain, and the ground produced its crops.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » israelites » Supplying » Quail

Psalm 105:40

Israel asked, and quail came; food from heaven satisfied them.

Numbers 11:31-33

Just then, a wind burst forth from the LORD, who brought quails from the sea and spread them all around the camp, about a day's journey in each direction, completely encircling the camp about two cubits deep on top of the ground! The people stayed up all that day, all that night, and all through the next day, gathering quails. The one who gathered least gathered enough to fill ten omers, as they spread out all around the camp. But even as they were chewing the meat and before they had swallowed it, the LORD became very angry with the people and struck them with a disastrous plague.

Psalm 78:23-30

Yet he commanded the skies above and the doors of the heavens to open, so that manna rained down on them for food and he sent them the grain of heaven. Mortal men ate the food of angels; he sent provision to them in abundance. read more.
He stirred up the east wind in the heavens and drove the south wind by his might. He caused meat to rain on them like dust and winged birds as the sand of the sea. He caused these to fall in the middle of the camp and all around their tents. So they ate and were very satisfied, because he granted their desire. However, before they had fulfilled their desire, while their food was still in their mouths,

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To solomon

1 Kings 3:13

I'm also giving you what you haven't requested: both riches and honor, so that no other king will be comparable to you during your lifetime.

1 Chronicles 29:25

and the LORD exalted Solomon magnificently in the sight of all Israel, bestowing upon him royal majesty such as had not been given to any king in Israel before him.

2 Chronicles 1:1

As David's son Solomon consolidated his administration, the LORD his God was with him to make him very successful.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » Hezekiah prospered

2 Kings 18:6-7

because he depended on the LORD, not abandoning pursuit of him, and keeping the LORD's commands that he had commanded Moses. So the LORD was with him, and Hezekiah prospered wherever he went, even when he rebelled against the king of Assyria, refusing to serve him.

2 Chronicles 32:29

He also built cities for himself and stored up flocks and herds in abundance, because God had given him great riches.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To david

2 Samuel 5:10

David became more and more esteemed because the LORD God of the Heavenly Armies was with him.

1 Chronicles 14:17

Then David's reputation spread through all of the neighboring countries, and the LORD caused all nations to be afraid of David.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To job

Job 42:12

The LORD blessed Job during the latter part of his life more than the former, since he owned 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 teams of oxen and 1,000 female donkeys.

Job 1:10

Haven't you surrounded him with a fence on all sides, around his house, and around all that he owns? You have blessed everything he puts his hands on and you have increased his livestock in the land.

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Nehemiah

Nehemiah 1:11

"And now, Lord, I ask you to listen to the prayer of your servant and to the prayers of your servants who delight in revering your Name. I ask you, please prosper your servant today by granting him to receive favor from this man." Now I was the king's senior security advisor.

Nehemiah 6:9

For they all were trying to make us afraid by saying, "Their hands will become tired from laboring, so the work won't be completed." "Therefore, LORD, strengthen my hands!"

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To jehoshaphat

2 Chronicles 17:3-5

The LORD was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the example set during his ancestor David's preliminary years by not pursuing the Baals. Instead, Jehoshaphat sought the God of his ancestors and obeyed his commands, unlike Israel. Therefore the LORD secured Jehoshaphat's kingdom under his control, with all of Judah paying him tribute, and Jehoshaphat became very wealthy and greatly respected.

2 Chronicles 20:30

As a result, Jehoshaphat's kingdom enjoyed peace, because his God had provided rest for him all around.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To isaac

Genesis 26:12-24

Isaac received a 100-fold return on what he planted that year in the land he received, because the LORD blessed him. He became very wealthy and lived a life of wealth, becoming more and more wealthy. He owned so many sheep, cattle, and servants that the Philistines eventually became envious of him. read more.
They filled in with sand all of the wells that Isaac's father Abraham's servants had dug during his lifetime. Then Abimelech ordered Isaac, "Move away from us! You've become more powerful than we are." So Isaac moved from there and encamped in the Gerar Valley, where he settled. Isaac re-excavated some wells that his father had first dug during his lifetime, because the Philistines had filled them with sand after Abraham's death. Isaac renamed those wells with the same names that his father had called them. While Isaac's servants were digging in the valley, they discovered a well with flowing water. But the herdsmen who lived in Gerar quarreled with Isaac's herdsmen. "The water is ours," they said. As a result, Isaac named the well Esek, for they had fiercely disputed with him about it. When his workers started digging another well, those herdsmen quarreled about that one, too, so Isaac named it Sitnah. Then he left that area and dug still another well. Because they did not quarrel over that one, Isaac named it Rehoboth, because he used to say, "The LORD has enlarged the territory for us. We will prosper in the land." Later on, he left there and went to Beer-sheba, where one night the LORD appeared to him. "I am the God of your father Abraham," he told him. "Don't be afraid, because I'm with you. I'm going to bless you and multiply your descendants on account of my servant Abraham."

Genesis 26:28

"We've seen that the LORD is with you," they responded, "so we're proposing an agreement between us between us and you. Allow us to make a treaty with you

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To the widow of zerephath

1 Kings 17:12-16

"As the LORD your God lives," she replied, "I don't have so much as a muffin, just a handful of flour in a bowl and some oil left in a bottle. Now I'm going to find some sticks so I can cook a last meal for my son and for me. Then we're going to eat it and die." But Elijah told her, "You can stop being afraid. Go and do what you said, but first make me a muffin and bring it to me. Then make a meal for yourself and for your son, because this is what the LORD God of Israel says: "That jar of flour will not run out, nor will that bottle of oil become empty until the very day that the LORD sends rain on the surface of the ground.'" read more.
So she went out and did precisely what Elijah told her to do. As a result, Elijah, the widow, and her son were fed for days. The jar of flour never ran out and the bottle of oil never became empty, just as the LORD had promised through Elijah.

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » -ezra

Ezra 8:21-23

Then I called for a fast there at the Ahava River so we could humble ourselves before our God and seek from him an appropriate way for us and our little ones to live, and how we should guard our personal wealth, because I was ashamed to ask the king for a contingent of soldiers and cavalry to protect us from enemies we might encounter on the way. After all, we had told the king, "The hand of our God seeks the good of all who seek him, but his power and anger are against everyone who forsakes him." So we fasted and asked our God about this, and he listened to us.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To uzziah

2 Chronicles 26:5-15

Uzziah kept on seeking God during the lifetime of Zechariah, who taught him how to fear God, and as long as he sought the LORD, God made him prosperous. One time Uzziah went out and battled the Philistines. He tore down the walls of Gath, Jabneh, and Ashdod, and built cities in the Ashdod area among the Philistines. God helped Uzziah defeat the Philistines, the Arabians who lived in Gur-baal, and the Meunites. read more.
The Ammonites paid tribute to Uzziah, and his reputation extended as far as the border with Egypt as he became stronger and stronger. Uzziah also built towers in Jerusalem, at the Corner Gate, at the Valley Gate, and at the Angle and fortified them. He also built watchtowers in the wilderness and had many cisterns hewed out, since he also possessed large herds, both in the Shephelah and in the midland plains. He had many farmers and vinedressers throughout the hills and fertile lands because he loved farming. Uzziah kept a standing army, equipped for battle, garrisoned in divisions according to an organizational structure devised by his royal secretary Jeiel and his officer Maaseiah, who reported to Hananiah, one of the king's commanders. The number of senior leaders of the ancestral houses of his elite forces numbered 2,600. Uzziah commanded an army of 307,500 who could fight formidably on behalf of the king against any enemy. In addition, Uzziah equipped the entire army with shields, spears, helmets, body armor, bows, and stones for use in slings. He also had various siege engines built by skilled designers and placed them on the towers and on the corner ramparts that could fire arrows and very large stones. His reputation spread far and wide, and he was marvelously assisted until he grew very strong.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To elijah » Fed by ravens

1 Kings 17:2-7

Later, this message came to him from the LORD: "Leave here and go into hiding at the Wadi Cherith, where it enters the Jordan River. You will be able to drink from that brook, and I've commanded some crows to sustain you there." read more.
So Elijah left and did exactly what the LORD had told him to do he went to live near the Wadi Cherith, where it enters the Jordan River. Crows would bring him bread and meat both in the morning and in the evening, and he would drink from the brook. But after a while, the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To elijah » By an angel

1 Kings 19:5-8

Then he lay down and went to sleep under the juniper tree. All of a sudden, there was an angel, who kept grabbing him and telling him, "Get up! Eat!" So he looked around, and there near his head was a muffin sitting on top of some heated stones, along with a jar of water. Elijah ate and drank and then lay down again. Later, the angel of the LORD came a second time, grabbed him, and said "Get up! Eat! The journey ahead is too difficult for you!" read more.
So Elijah got up, ate and drank, and survived on that one meal for 40 days and nights as he set out on his journey to Horeb, God's mountain.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To asa

2 Chronicles 14:6-7

Asa built fortified cities throughout Judah while the land lay undisturbed, because the LORD had given him peace so that no one went to war against him during those years. He had told Judah, "Let's build up these cities, surrounding them with walls, towers, gates, and bars. The land still belongs to us, because we have kept on seeking the LORD our God. We have sought him out, and he has given us rest all around us." So the people built and prospered.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » Hezekiah restored to health

2 Kings 20:1-7

During this time, Hezekiah became sick with a fatal illness, so Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, approached him and told him, "This is what the LORD says: "Put your household in order, because you are dying. You will not survive.'" So Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the LORD. "Remember me, LORD," he said, "how I have walked in your presence with integrity, with an undivided heart, and I have accomplished what is good in your sight." And Hezekiah wept deeply. read more.
Before Isaiah had left the middle court, this message from the LORD came to him. "Return to Hezekiah," he said, "and tell the Commander-in-Chief of my people: "This is what the LORD, the God of your ancestor David, says: "I've heard your prayer and I've observed your tears. Look! I'm healing you. Three days from now, you'll go visit the LORD's Temple. Furthermore, I'll add fifteen years to your life. I'll deliver you and this city from domination by the king of Assyria, and I'll defend this city for my own sake and for the sake of my servant David."'" Isaiah said, "Take a fig cake." So some attendants took it, laid it on Hezekiah's boil, and he recovered.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To jacob

Genesis 35:9-15

God appeared again to Jacob after he had arrived from Paddan-aram and blessed him. Then God told him, "Your name is Jacob. No longer are you to be called Jacob. Instead, your name will be Israel." So God called his name Israel and also told him, "I am God Almighty. You are to be fruitful and multiply. You will become a nation in fact, an assembly of nations! Kings will come from you they'll emerge from your own loins! read more.
Now as for the land that I gave to Abraham and Isaac, I'm giving it to you and to your descendants who come after you. I'm giving the land to you!" After this, God ascended from the place where he had been speaking to him. Jacob erected a pillar of stone at that very place where God had spoken to him. He poured a drink offering over it, anointed it with oil, and named the place where God had spoken to him Beth-el.

Blessing » Responsive blessings of the law

Deuteronomy 28:1-14

"Indeed, if you diligently obey the LORD your God to carry out all his commands that I'm giving you today, then the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. Moreover, all these blessings will come upon you in abundance, if you obey the LORD your God: "Blessed will you be in the city and blessed will you be in the country. read more.
"Blessed will your children be, as well as the produce of your land, the offspring of your beasts and cattle, and the offspring of your flock. "Blessed will be your grain basket and your kneading bowl. "Blessed will you be in your comings and goings. "The LORD will make your enemies, who rise against you and attack from one direction, to flee from you in seven directions. "The LORD will send blessings for you with regard to your barns and everything you undertake. Indeed, he will bless you in the land that the LORD your God is about to give you. "The LORD will assign you to be a holy people for himself, just as he promised you, as long as you keep his commands and walk in his ways. "Then all the people of the earth will observe that the name of the LORDis proclaimed among you, and they will fear you. "The LORD will show his abundant goodness with respect to your children, the offspring of your animals, and the produce of your farmland that he promised your ancestors he would give you. "The LORD will open his rich treasury, the heavens, to release rain upon your land in season and bless everything you undertake so that you'll lend to many nations but won't borrow. "The LORD your God will make you the head and not the tail placing you above and not beneath if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I'm giving you today to keep and observe. Do not deviate from any of his commands that I'm giving you today neither to the right nor the left to follow and serve other gods."

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Abraham

Genesis 15:2-4

But Abram replied, "Lord GOD, what can you give me since I continue to be childless, and the heir of my household is Eliezer from Damascus? Look!" Abram said, "You haven't given me any offspring, so a servant born in my house is going to be my heir." A message came from the LORD to him again: "This one will not be your heir. Instead, the child who will be born to you will be your heir."

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Abraham's servant

Genesis 24:12

That's when he prayed, "LORD God of my master Abraham, help me to succeed today. Please show your gracious love to my master Abraham.

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Hannah

1 Samuel 1:11

Hannah made a vow: "LORD of the Heavenly Armies, if you just look at the misery of your maid servant, remember me, and don't forget your maid servant. If you give your maid servant a son, then I'll give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and a razor is never to touch his head."

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » Laban

Genesis 24:60

As they were leaving, they all blessed Rebekah by saying, "Our sister, may you become the mother of tens of millions! May your descendants take over the city gates of those who hate them."

Blessing » Temporal blessings, prayer for » isaac

Genesis 25:21

Later, Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, since she was unable to conceive children, and the LORD responded to him his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To jotham

2 Chronicles 27:6

Jotham grew in power because he had determined to live his life in the presence of the LORD his God.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To obed-edom

2 Samuel 6:11

So the ark of the LORD remained for three months in the household of Obed-edom the Gittite while the LORD blessed Obed-edom and his entire household.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To the israelites » In egypt

Exodus 11:3

The LORD made the Egyptians look on the people with favor. Also the man Moses was highly regarded in the land of Egypt, both in the opinion of Pharaoh's officials and in the opinion of the people.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To abraham

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To daniel

Daniel 1:9

God granted to Daniel grace and compassion on the part of the chief officer.

Blessing » Temporal » From God » Examples of » To noah, at the time of the flood

Genesis 7:1

Then the LORD told Noah, "Come you and all your household into the ark, because I've seen that you alone are righteous in this generation.

Children » Blessing

Genesis 5:29

whom he named Noah, because he said, "May this one comfort us from our work, from pain that is caused by our manual labor, and from the ground that the LORD has cursed."

Genesis 30:1

Rachel noticed that she was not bearing children for Jacob, so because she envied her sister Leah, she told Jacob, "If you don't give me sons, I'm going to die!"

Psalm 127:3-5

Children are a gift from the LORD; a productive womb, the LORD's reward. As arrows in the hand of a warrior, so also are children born during one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be ashamed as they confront their enemies at the city gate. A Song of Ascents

Isaiah 54:1

"Sing, you barren woman, even the one who never bore a child! Burst into song and shout for joy, even you who were never in labor! For the children of the desolate woman will be more than the children of her that is married," says the LORD.

More verses: Jeremiah 20:15

hands » Imposition of, used in » Blessing

Genesis 48:14

But Israel stretched out his right hand, laying it on Ephraim's head (he was the younger son) and laying his left hand on Manasseh's head (even though Manasseh was the firstborn).

The high priest » Typified Christ in » Blessing

Leviticus 9:22-23

Aaron raised his hand toward the people and blessed them. Then he came down from the altar after offering the sin, whole burnt, and peace offerings. Moses and Aaron entered the Tent of Meeting. When they came out, they blessed the people and the glory of the LORD appeared to all the people.

The promises of God » Subjects of » Blessing

Topics on Blessing

Adding Blessing


because to anyone who has something, more will be given, and he will have more than enough. But from the one who doesn't have anything, even what he has will be taken away from him.

Afflictions As Blessings In Disguise


"Indeed, how blessed is the person whom God reproves! So never disrespect the discipline of the Almighty,

Babies Being A Blessing


How blessed will be the one who seizes your young children and pulverizes them against the cliff!

Babies, Blessing From God


Children are a gift from the LORD; a productive womb, the LORD's reward.

Being A Blessing


But the one who looks at the perfect law of freedom and remains committed to it thereby demonstrating that he is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of what that law requires will be blessed in what he does.

Being Thankful For Blessings


Offer to God a thanksgiving praise; pay your vows to the Most High.

Blessing And Curse


Look! I'm about to grant you a blessing and a curse

Blessing In The Wilderness


"The desert and the dry land will rejoice; the desert will celebrate and blossom. Like crocuses,

Blessing Others


I'll make a great nation of your descendants, I'll bless you, and I'll make your reputation great, so that you will be a blessing.

Blessing Through God's People


I'll bless those who bless you, but I'll curse the one who curses you, and through you all the people of the earth will be blessed."

Blessings And Prosperity


"The LORD will show his abundant goodness with respect to your children, the offspring of your animals, and the produce of your farmland that he promised your ancestors he would give you.

Blessings For Jew And Gentile


Furthermore, through your descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed my command."

Blessings For The Right Hand


Just before she died, Rachel called her son's name Ben-oni, but his father Jacob named him Benjamin.

Blessings For Those Who Help The Poor


Whoever is kind to the poor is lending to the LORD the benefit of his gift will return to him in abundance.

Blessings From God


May you be blessed by the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth.

Blessings From The Mountains


It will come about at that time that the mountains will drip with newly pressed wine, the hills will flow with milk, and the streams of Judah will flow abundantly. A fountain will spring from the Temple of the LORD, to water the Valley of the Acacias.

Blessings Of Obedience


"If you live by my statutes, obey my commands, and observe them,

Blessings Of The Poor


His sons will make amends to the poor; their hands will return his wealth.

Blessings, Spiritual


"For this is how God loved the world: He gave his unique Son so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.

Blessings, Temporal


"Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. So put me to the test in this right now," says the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, "and see if I won't throw open the windows of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure.

Blessings, To Abraham


I'll make a great nation of your descendants, I'll bless you, and I'll make your reputation great, so that you will be a blessing.

Blessings, To Israel


He'll love you and increase your numbers. He'll bless the fruit of your womb, the fruit of your land (the grain, new wine, and oil), the offspring of your herds, and the lambs of your flock, in the land that the LORD promised your ancestors he would give you.

Children Are A Blessing


Observe the blameless! Take note of the upright! Indeed, the future of that man is peace.

Children Being A Blessing


Children are a gift from the LORD; a productive womb, the LORD's reward.

Children, A Blessing


As arrows in the hand of a warrior, so also are children born during one's youth.

Dividing Spiritual Blessings


because he was one of our number and was appointed to share in this ministry."

Eternal Blessing


So may it please you to bless the household of your servant, so that it might remain forever in your presence, because you, Lord GOD, have spoken, and from your blessing may the household of your servant be blessed forever."

Faith, And Blessings Of God


He told them, "Because of your lack of faith. I tell all of you with certainty, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.

God Swearing Blessings


Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, your servants to whom you swore by yourself as you told them, "I'll increase the number of your descendants like the stars of the heavens, I'll give your descendants all of this land about which I have spoken, and they are to possess it forever.'"

God's Blessings Are Near


We praise you, God! We praise you your presence draws near as we declare your wonderful deeds.

Millennial Kingdom, Universal Peace And Blessing


Come, observe the mighty works of the LORD, who causes desolation in the earth.

Money Blessings


Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, but whoever works diligently increases his prosperity.

People Blessing


Bless those who persecute you. Keep on blessing them, and never curse them.

Reverence, And Blessing


How blessed are all who fear the LORD as they follow in his ways.

Sons Being A Blessing


May the LORD add to your numbers to you and to your descendants.

Temporal Blessings


Be sure to observe all these words that I'm commanding you, in order that life may go well for you and your children after you forever, for this is good and right in the eyes of the LORD your God."

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