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48 Bible Verses about Godly Man

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 12:1

O save Yahweh, for the man of lovingkindness, is no more, for the faithful, have vanished, from among the sons of men.

Micah 7:2

Perished is the man of lovingkindness out of the earth, and, upright among men, is there none, - they all, for bloodshed, lie in wait. Every man - for his brother, do they hunt as for one devoted to destruction.

Proverbs 10:7

The memory of the righteous, yieldeth blessing, but, the name of the lawless, dieth out.

2 Timothy 3:17

In order that, ready, may be the man, of God, unto every good work, being well-prepared.

Ecclesiastes 7:28

what my soul still sought, yet I found not, - one man out of a thousand, have I found, but, a woman among all these, have I not found.

2 Kings 4:9

Then said she unto her husband, Lo! I pray thee - I perceive that, a holy man of God, he is, - passing our way continually.

Psalm 4:3

Know ye, then, that Yahweh hath set apart the man of lovingkindness for himself: Yahweh, will hear, when I cry to him.

Jeremiah 5:1

Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, And see I pray you and know and seek out in the broad places thereof, Whether ye can find, a man, Whether there is one Doing justice Demanding fidelity, - That I may pardon her.

John 1:6

There arose a man, sent from God, whose name was, John:

Ecclesiastes 9:1

For, unto all this, I applied my heart, and, my heart, considered all this, that, the righteous and the wise and their servants, were in the hand of God, - neither love nor hatred, could any man know, every one, was before Him.

1 Samuel 2:25

If one man sin against another, God will interpose, but, if, against Yahweh, a man sin, who will intercede, for him? But they hearkened not unto the voice of their father, for Yahweh was pleased to put them to death.

1 John 5:9

If, the witness of men, we receive, the witness of God, is, greater. Because, this, is the witness of God - in that he hath borne witness concerning his Son, -

Luke 16:28

for I have five brethren; - that he may solemnly testify unto them, lest, they also, come into this place of torment.

1 Timothy 6:3

If anyone doth otherwise teach, and doth not adhere to healthful discourses - those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the teaching that is, according to godliness,

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