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47 Bible Verses about Peace And Strength

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 147:14

Who maketh thy boundaries to be peace, With the marrow of wheat, doth he satisfy thee:

Daniel 10:19

And he said, Do not fear, O man greatly delighted in! peace to thee, be strong, yea be strong! And, as he spake with me, I gained strength, and said, Let my lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me.

Psalm 85:8

I will hear, what GOD - Yahweh - will speak, - For he will bespeak prosperity to his people, And to his men of lovingkindness, And to them who return with their heart unto him.

Judges 5:31

So, perish all thine enemies, O Yahweh, But be, they who love him, as the going forth of the sun, in his might! And the land had rest forty years.

Psalm 38:3

There is no soundness in my flesh, By reason of thine indignation, There is no peace in my bones, By reason of my sin;

Psalm 20:2

Send thy help out of the sanctuary, and, out of Zion, sustain thee;

Isaiah 27:5

Else, let one lay hold of my protection, Let him make peace with me, - Peace, let him make with me.

Job 9:4

Wise in heart, and alert in vigour, What man hath hardened himself against him, and prospered!

Daniel 10:18

Then again there touched me one like in appearance to a son of earth, and he strengthened me.

Psalm 28:8

Yahweh, is strength to his people, - And, the all-saving refuge of his Anointed One, is he!

Numbers 6:26

Yahweh lift up his face unto thee, and appoint unto thee peace.

Psalm 85:10

Lovingkindness and faithfulness, have met together, Righteousness and prosperity, have kissed each other;

Isaiah 66:12

For, thus, saith Yahweh, - Behold me! extending unto her like a river, prosperity, And as a torrent o'erflowing, the glory of the nations. That ye may draw it forth - Upon the side, shall ye be carried, and Upon the knees, shall ye be caressed:

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