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Reference: Drunkenness


Is referred to in the Bible both in single instances and as a habit. Its folly is often illustrated, Ps 107:27; Isa 19:14; 24:20; 28:7-8, its guilt denounced, Isa 5:22, its ill results traced, 1Sa 25:36; 1Ki 16:9; 20:16, and its doom shown, 1Co 6:9-10. It is produced by wine, Ge 9:21; 21:33;

Jer 23:9; Eph 5:18, as well as by "strong drink," 1Sa 1:13-15; Isa 5:11. Hence the use of these was forbidden to the priests at the altar, Le 10:9; and all are cautioned to avoid them, Pr 20:1; 23:20. To tempt others to drunkenness is a sin accursed of God, 2Sa 11:13; Hab 2:15-16. Its prevalence in a community is inseparable from the habitual use of any inebriating liquor. Hence the efforts made by the wise and good to secure abstinence from all intoxicating drinks, 1Co 8:13. See WINE.

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One of the common sins of mankind. We read of it as early as Noah. Ge 9:21. Its grave character is shown in the N.T. by the drunkard being classed along with fornicators, thieves, idolaters, etc., and the declaration that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God. 1Co 5:11; 6:10.

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