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FACE is used freely of animals, as well as of men; also of the surface of the wilderness (Ex 16:4), of the earth, of the waters or deep, of the sky. It is used of the front of a house (Eze 41:14), of a porch (Eze 40:15; 41:25), of a throne (Job 26:9). Covering the face in 2Sa 19:4 is a sign of mourning (cf. covering the head); it is also a mark of reverence (Ex 3:6; 1Ki 19:13; Isa 6:2). In Ge 24:65 it indicates modesty. Otherwise it is used simply of blindfolding, literal (Mr 14:65), or metaphorical (Job 9:24). To fall on the face is the customary Eastern obeisance, whether to man or to God. Spitting in the face is the climax of contempt (Nu 12:14; De 25:9; Mt 26:67). The Oriental will say, 'I spit in your face,' while he actually spits on the ground. The face naturally expresses various emotions,

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