42 Bible Verses about Anger And Forgiveness

Most Relevant Verses

Jonah 4:2

So he prayed unto Yahweh, and said - Ah now! Yahweh! Was not, this, my word, while I was yet upon mine own soil? For this cause, did I hasten to flee unto Tarshish, - because I knew that, thou, art a GOD of favour and compassion, slow to anger, and abundant in lovingkindness, and art grieved over calamity.

Matthew 18:34

And, provoked to anger, his master delivered him up to the torturers, until he should pay all that was owing.

Psalm 78:38

Yet, he, full of compassion, would put a propitiatory-covering over iniquity, and not destroy, - Yea, many a time, turned he back his anger, And would not stir up all his wrath.

Lamentations 3:43

Thou hast covered thyself with anger, and pursued us, hast slain - hast not spared;

Nehemiah 9:17

but refused to hearken, neither kept in mind thy wonders which thou hadst done with them, but they hardened their neck, and appointed a head that they might return to their servitude, in their perverseness. But, thou, art a God of forgivenesses, gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness, and didst not forsake them.

Micah 7:18

Who is a GOD like unto thee, taking away the iniquity - and passing over the transgression - of the remnant of his inheritance? He hath not held fast, perpetually, his anger, for, one who delighteth in lovingkindness, is he!

Nehemiah 4:5

and do not cover their iniquity, and, their sin before thee, let it not be blotted out, - for they have caused vexation before them who are building.

Numbers 14:18

Yahweh - slow to anger and great in lovingkindness, Forgiving iniquity and transgression: Though he will not leave, wholly unpunished, Visiting the iniquity of fathers upon sons, Upon a third generation, and upon a fourth.

Daniel 9:16

O Lord! according to all thy righteousness, I beseech thee, let thine anger and thine indignation turn away from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain, - for, by reason of our sins, and by reason of the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and thy people, have become a reproach, to all who are round about us.

Isaiah 64:9

Do not be indignant, O Yahweh so very greatly, Neither perpetually, do thou recall iniquity, - Lo! look around, we pray thee -- thy people, are, we all.

Deuteronomy 29:20

Yahweh will not be willing to forgive him, but, then, will the anger of Yahweh and his jealousy smoke against that man, and all the oath that is written in this scroll, shall settle down upon him, - and Yahweh wipe out his name from under the heavens;

Psalm 85:3

Thou hast withdrawn all thine indignation, Thou hast ceased from the glow of thing anger.

Ezekiel 8:18

Therefore even I, will act with indignation, Mine eye shall not shield. Neither will I pity, - Though they have cried in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them.

Psalm 80:4

O Yahweh, God of hosts! How long hast thou been wroth with the prayer of thy people?

Psalm 79:5

How long, O Yahweh, wilt thou be angry utterly? Shall thy jealousy, burn like fire?

Jeremiah 36:7

Peradventure, their supplication, will fall prostrate, before Yahweh, and they return every man from his wicked way, - For, great, are the anger and the indignation which Yahweh hath spoken against this people.

Jeremiah 18:23

But, thou, O Yahweh, knowest all their counsels against me to pat me to death, Put thou no propitiatory-covering over their iniquity, And their sin from before thee, do not thou blot out, - But let them be overthrown before thee, In the time of thine anger, deal thou effectively with them.

Jonah 3:9

Who knoweth whether God himself - may turn and grieve, - and turn away from the glow of his anger, that we perish not?

Exodus 34:6

So Yahweh passed before him, and proclaimed, - Yahweh, Yahweh, A God of compassion and favour, - Slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and faithfulness:

Genesis 4:6

So then Yahweh said unto Cain, - Wherefore hath it angered thee, and wherefore hath thy countenance fallen?

Ecclesiastes 10:4

If, the spirit of a ruler, riseth up against thee, thy place, do not leave, for gentleness, pacifieth such as have greatly erred.

Jeremiah 3:12

Go, and proclaim these words, towards the North and say - Return! thou apostate - Israel, Urgeth Yahweh, I will not lower my face against you, - for full of lovingkindness, I am, Declareth Yahweh, I will not maintain mine anger unto times age-abiding.

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