193 occurrences

'Let Us' in the Bible

Then said they, each man to his friend, Come on! let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly, - So the bricks, served them for stone, and bitumen, served them for mortar,

Come on! let us go down, and there confuse their speech, - that they may not under-stand, each man the speech of his friend.

And they called unto Lot and said to him, Where are the men who have come in unto thee tonight? Bring them forth unto us, and let us know them!

Come on! let us cause our father to drink wine and let us lie with him, that we may keep alive from our father, a seed.

And it came to pass on the morrow, that the firstborn said unto the younger, Lo! I lay, last night with my father, let us cause him to drink wine this night also, and go thou in - lie with him, that we may keep alive from our father, a seed.

And they said: We, saw plainly, that Yahweh was with thee, so we said, Let there be we pray thee an oath betwixt us both, betwixt us and thee, - and let us solemnise a covenant with thee: -

Now, therefore, come on! Let us solemnise a covenant, I and thou, - So shall it be a witness betwixt me and thee.

Then he said, Let us break up and go, and let me go on before thee.

As for these men, in peace, they are with us - let them therefore dwell in the land and go through it, for, the land, lo! it is roomy on both hands before them, - their daughters, let us take to us for wives, and our daughters, let us give to them.

And let us arise, and go up to Beth-el, - that I may make there an altar to the GOD who answered me in the day of my distress, and was with me in the way that I went.

And the man said, They have broken up from hence, for I heard them saying Let us go our way towards Dothan. So Joseph went after his brethren, and found them, in Dothan.

Now, therefore, come! let us slay him and cast him into one of the pits, and we will say A cruel beast, hath devoured him, - And let us see what will become of his dreams.

And Reuben heard it, and rescued him out of their hand, and said Let us not smite him, so as to take his life!

Come and let us sell him to the Ishmaelites; but let not, out own hand, be upon him, for our own brother, our own flesh, is he And his brethren hearkened.

And they said - Thou hast saved our lives! let us find favour in the eyes of my lord, so will we become Pharaohs servants.

Come on! let us shew ourselves wise with regard to them, lest they so multiply that it shall come to pass when war befalleth us, that they also, shall join themselves unto them who hate us, and shall make war upon us. and then go up out of the land.

So will they hearken to thy voice, - and thou shalt go in - thou, and the elders of Israel, unto the king of Egypt and ye shall say unto him - Yahweh, God of the Hebrews, hath fallen in with us, Now, therefore let us go, we pray thee, a journey of three days into the desert, that we may sacrifice to Yahweh, our God.

And they said, the God of the Hebrews, hath met with us, - let us go, we pray thee, a journey of three days into the desert and sacrifice to Yahweh our God, lest he fall upon us with pestilence or with sword.

And it came to pass when Pharaoh had shown himself too hardened to let us go, then did Yahweh slay every firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of men even unto the firstborn of beasts. For this cause, am, I, sacrificing to Yahweh whatsoever is born first, of the males, and every firstborn of my sons, must I redeem.

Is not this the word which we spake unto thee in Egypt, saying, Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians, - for it is better for us, to serve the Egyptians, than to die in the desert?

And Caleb stilled the people unto Moses, - and said unto them - Let us go straight up, and possess it, for we shall, surely prevail, against it.

And they said, one to another, - Let us appoint a head and let us go back towards Egypt.

Let us, we pray thee, pass through thy land - we will not pass through field or vineyard, nor will we drink the waters of a well, - by the kings road, will we go - we will turn neither to the right hand nor to the left, until we get through thy boundary.

And ye came near unto me all of you, and said Let us send men before us, that they may search out for us the land, - and bring us back word, the way by which we must go up, and the cities whereinto we must enter,

But Sihon king of Heshbon, was not willing, to let us pass along through it, - for Yahweh thy God had suffered him to make his spirit harsh and his heart bold, that he might give him into thy hand - (as appeareth this day).

and ye said - Lo! Yahweh our God hath let us see his glory and his greatness, his voice also, have we heard out of the midst of the fire, - this day, have we seen, that God may speak with man who yet may live.

and the sign or the wonder shall come in, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, - Let us go after other gods, which ye know not and let us serve them

When thy brother - son of thine own mother or thine own son or thine own daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend who is as thine own soul, shall entice thee secretly, saying, - Let us go and serve other gods, whom thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;

There have gone forth men sons of the Abandoned One, out of thy midst, and have seduced the inhabitants of their city, saying, - Let us go, and serve other gods which ye have not known;

Lo! when we are coming into the land, this cord of crimson thread, must thou bind in the window by which thou didst let us down, and, thy father and thy mother and thy brethren and all the household of thy father, must thou gather together unto thee unto the house.

We said, therefore, Let us prepare, we pray you, to build us an altar, - not for ascending-offering, nor for sacrifice;

Then said Judah, unto Simeon his brother - Come up with me into the territory allotted me, and let us make war on the Canaanites, then will, I also, go with thee, into thy territory. So Simeon went with him.

Then did Israel send messengers unto Sihon king of the Amorites, king of Heshbon, - and Israel said unto him, Let us pass, we pray thee, through thy land as far as my own place.

And Manoah said unto the messenger of Yahweh, - I pray thee, let us detain thee, that we may make ready for thy presence, a kid.

But his wife said unto him, If Yahweh had been pleased to put us to death, he would not have received at our hand, an ascending-sacrifice and a meal-offering, nor would he have shewed us all these things, - and, at such a time, have let us hear the like of this!

And they said - Arise! and let us go up against them, for we have seen the land, and lo! it is very good, - are, ye, then, minded to do nothing? do not be too slothful to go, and enter, and take possession of the land.

They being by Jebus, and, the day, having gone far down, the young man said unto his lord - Do come, I pray thee, and let us turn aside into this city of the Jebusites, and tarry the night therein.

And he said to his young man, Come and let us draw near unto one of the places, - and tarry the night in Gibeah, or in Ramah.

And he said unto her - Up! and let us be going. But there was no answer. So he took her up on the ass, and the man rose up, and went his way to his own place.

Then said the sons of Benjamin, They are, being smitten, before us, as at the first. But the sons of Israel had said - Let us flee, and draw them away from the city, into the highways.

And, when the people came into the camp, the elders of Israel said, Wherefore hath Yahweh smitten us to-day, before the Philistines? Let us fetch unto us, out of Shiloh, the ark of the covenant of Yahweh, that, when it cometh into our midst, it may save us out of the hand of our enemies.

Then called the Philistines for the priests and for the diviners, saying, What shall we do with the ark of Yahweh? Let us know, wherewith we shall send it to its own place.

They, had come into the land of Zuph when, Saul, said to his young man who was with him, Come! and let us return; lest my father leave off caring for the asses, and be concerned for us.

And he said to him: Lo! I pray thee, a man of God, liveth in this city, and, the man, is held in honour, all that he saith, surely cometh to pass. Now, let us go thither; peradventure he may tell us our way, whereon we should have gone.

Beforetime, in Israel, thus, said a man when he went to enquire of God, Come and let us go as far as the seer, - for, the prophet of to-day, used to be called, beforetime, the seer.

And Saul said unto his young man, Good, is thy word, come! let us go! So they went unto the city, where the man of God was.

Then said Samuel unto the people, Come and let us go to Gilgal, - and let us there renew the kingdom.

And it came about, on a certain day, that Jonathan son of Saul said unto the young man bearing his armour: Come! and let us pass over unto the garrison of the Philistines, that is on the other side, yonder! but, to his father, he told it not.

So Jonathan said unto the young man bearing his armour - Come! and let us cross over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised, peradventure, Yahweh may work by us, - for there is no restraint with Yahweh, to save by many, or by few.

Then said Saul - Let us go down after the Philistines by night, and make of them a prey until the morning light, and let us not leave of them, a man. And they said, All that is good in thine eyes, do! Then said the priest, Let us draw near hither unto God.

And Jonathan said unto David, Come! and let us go out into the field. And they two went out into the field.

Far be it from me, of Yahweh, that I should thrust forth my hand against the anointed of Yahweh! Now, therefore, take, I pray thee, the spear that is at his head, and the cruse of water, and let us go our way.

Be strong, and let us put forth our strength, for the sake of our people, and for the sake of the cities of our God, - and, Yahweh, do what is good in his own eyes.

And the king said unto Absolom - Nay! my son, do not, I pray thee, let us all go, lest we be burdensome upon thee. And, though he urged him, he would not go, but blessed him.

Then said David, to all his servants who were with him in Jerusalem - Arise and let us flee, or we shall have no way of escape from the face of Absolom, - make speed to depart, lest he make speed, and so overtake us, and bring down misfortune upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword.

Then said Absolom, I pray you, call ye Hushai the Archite also, - and let us hear what is in, his, mouth, also.

And David said unto Gad - I am in a great strait, - let us fall, I pray thee, into the hand of Yahweh, for, manifold, are, his compassions, but, into the hand of man, let me not fall.

So then Ahab said unto Obadiah, Go, and let us pass throughout the land, unto all the fountains of water, and unto all the ravines, peradventure we may find grass, and save alive horse and mule, and not have more of the beasts cut off.

And, the servants of the king of Syria, said unto him, - Gods of the mountains, are their gods, for this cause, prevailed they against us, - but, only let us fight with them in the plain, and verily we shall prevail against them.

And his servants said unto him, Lo! we pray thee, we have heard, of the kings of the house of Israel, that, kings known for lovingkindness, they are. Let us, we pray thee, put sackcloth upon our loins, and ropes about our head, and let us go forth unto the king of Israel, peradventure he will save alive thy soul.

I pray thee, let us make a little upper chamber on the wall and set for him there - a bed, and a table, and a seat, and a lampstand, - so shall it be, when he cometh to us, that he can turn in thither.

Let us go, we pray thee, as far as the Jordan, and fetch from thence every man a single beam, and let us make us a place wherein we may sit. And he said - Go ye.

If we say - Let us enter into the city, Then, the famine, is in the city, and we shall die there, and, if we remain here, then shall we die. Now, therefore, let us fall away unto the camp of the Syrians, if they save us alive, we shall live, and, if they put us to death, we shall die.

Then said they one to another - Not a right thing, are, we, doing. This day, is, a day of good tidings, and, we, are holding our peace, if we tarry until the light of the morning, there will come upon us, some misfortune, - Now, therefore, come and let us go in, and tell the household of the king.

Then responded one of his servants, and said - Let there be taken, I pray thee, five of the horses that remain, which have been left therein, there they are, according to all the multitude of Israel who have been left therein, there they are, according to all the multitude of Israel, who have been consumed, - and let us send and see!

Then, sent Amaziah messengers unto Jehoash son of Jehoahaz son of Jehu, king of Israel, saying, - Come now, let us look one another in the face.

and let us bring round the ark of our God, unto us, - For they sought it not, in the days of Saul.

Be strong, and let us put forth our strength, for the sake of our people, and for the sake of the cities of our God, - and let, Yahweh, do, what is good in his own eyes.

Therefore said he to Judah, Let us build these cities, and let us surround them with walls and towers, doors and bars, while the land is yet before us, for we have sought Yahweh our God, we have sought him, and he hath given us rest on every side. So they built, and prospered.

Then Amaziah king of Judah took counsel, and sent unto Joash, son of Jehoahaz son of Jehu king of Israel, saying, - Come, let us look one another in the face!

then drew they near unto Zerubbabel, and unto the ancestral chiefs, and said unto them, Let us build with you, for, like you, we seek your God, and, unto him, have, we, been sacrificing since the days of Esar-haddon, king of Assyria, who brought us up hither.

Now, therefore, let us solemnize a covenant unto our God - to put away all the women and such as have been born of them, in the counsel of my lord, and them who tremble at the commandment of our God, - and, according to the law, let it be done.

So I said unto them, Ye, can see the misfortune that, we, are in, how that, Jerusalem, lieth waste, and, the gates thereof, are burned with fire: Come, and let us build the wall of Jerusalem, that we may remain, no longer, a reproach.

I too, then, my brethren and my young men, might be lending unto them on interest silver and corn! I pray you, let us leave off this lending on interest!

that Sanballat and Geshem sent unto me, saying, Come! and let us meet together in the villages, in the valley of Ono, - But, they, were plotting to do me harm.

Moreover also, prophets, hast thou set up to make proclamation concerning thee in Jerusalem, saying, He hath become king in Judah! Now, therefore, will it he reported to the king, according to these words. Now, therefore, come, and let us take counsel together.

When, I, came into the house of Shemaiah, son of Delaiah, son of Mehetabel, he, being shut in, he said, Let us meet together in the house of God, in the midst of the temple, and let us close the doors of the temple, for they are coming to slay thee, yea, by night, are they coming to slay thee.

What is right, let us choose for ourselves, Let us know, among ourselves, what is good;

Let us know what we shall say to him, We cannot set in order, by reason of darkness.

Let us break asunder their bonds, - and cast from us their cords!

Thou who hast let us see many distresses and misfortunes, Wilt gain bring us to life, And, out of the resounding depths of the earth, wilt again raise us up;

They have said in their heart, Let us suppress them altogether, They have burned up all the meeting-places of GOD in the land.

They have said - Come, and let us wipe them out from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.

Who said - Let us take a possession foe ourselves, The pastures of God!

If they say - Come with us, - Let us lie in wait for blood, Let us watch in secret for him who is needlessly innocent;

Let us engulf them, like hades, alive, While in health, like them who are going down to the pit;

Come! let us take our fill of endearments, until morning, let us delight ourselves with caresses;

The conclusion of the matter - the whole, let us hear, - Towards God, be reverent, and, his commandments, observe, for, this, concerneth all mankind.

Come, my beloved, Let us go forth into the country, Let us stay the night in the villages:

Let us get up early to the vineyards, Let us see whether the vine, hath burst forth, the blossom, hath opened, the pomegranates, have bloomed, - There, will I give my caresses to thee.

Come, I pray you, and let us settle the disputer Saith Yahweh, - Though your sins be found like scarlet, As snow, shall they be made white, Though they appear red like crimson, As wool, shall they become.

And many peoples shall go and say - Come ye, and let us ascend Unto the mountain of Yahweh Unto the house of the God of Jacob, That he may teach us of his ways, And we may walk in his paths, - For, out of Zion, shall go forth a law, And the word of Yahweh out of Jerusalem;