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'Our Help' in the Bible

And those who have knowledge of your name will put their faith in you; because you, Lord, have ever given your help to those who were waiting for you.

By your help I have made a way through the wall which was shutting me in; by the help of my God I have gone over a wall.

Come to our help, Lord: let the king give ear to our cry.

O Yahweh, [the] king will rejoice in your strength, and how greatly he will delight in your help.

His honor [is] great because of your help. Splendor and majesty you have bestowed upon him.

Be a breastplate to me, and give me your help.

Why are you sleeping, O Lord? awake! and come to our help, do not give us up for ever.

O Lord, you have been our help {in all generations}.

But, O Lord God, give me your help, because of your name; take me out of danger, because your mercy is good.

O Israel, trust thou in the LORD; he is your help and your shield.

O house of Aaron, trust in the LORD; he is your help and your shield.

All your teachings are certain; they go after me with evil design; give me your help.

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