39 Bible Verses about rebuking

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 9:8

Do not reprove a mocker or he will hate you; reprove a wise person and he will love you.

Ecclesiastes 7:5

It is better for a person to receive a rebuke from those who are wise than to listen to the song of fools.

Proverbs 1:23

If only you will respond to my rebuke, then I will pour out my thoughts to you and I will make my words known to you.

Proverbs 17:10

A rebuke makes a greater impression on a discerning person than a hundred blows on a fool.

Titus 1:13

Such testimony is true. For this reason rebuke them sharply that they may be healthy in the faith

Proverbs 24:25

But there will be delight for those who convict the guilty, and a pleasing blessing will come on them.

Mark 1:25

But Jesus rebuked him: "Silence! Come out of him!"

Mark 4:39

So he got up and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Be quiet! Calm down!" Then the wind stopped, and it was dead calm.

Malachi 3:11

Then I will stop the plague from ruining your crops, and the vine will not lose its fruit before harvest," says the Lord who rules over all.

Psalm 141:5

May the godly strike me in love and correct me! May my head not refuse choice oil! Indeed, my prayer is a witness against their evil deeds.

Proverbs 30:6

Do not add to his words, lest he reprove you, and prove you to be a liar.

Luke 23:40

But the other rebuked him, saying, "Don't you fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation?

Luke 4:39

So he stood over her, commanded the fever, and it left her. Immediately she got up and began to serve them.

Malachi 2:3

I am about to discipline your children and will spread offal on your faces, the very offal produced at your festivals, and you will be carried away along with it.

Isaiah 54:9

"As far as I am concerned, this is like in Noah's time, when I vowed that the waters of Noah's flood would never again cover the earth. In the same way I have vowed that I will not be angry at you or shout at you.

2 Corinthians 2:6

This punishment on such an individual by the majority is enough for him,

Matthew 20:31

The crowd scolded them to get them to be quiet. But they shouted even more loudly, "Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!"

Psalm 57:3

May he send help from heaven and deliver me from my enemies who hurl insults! (Selah) May God send his loyal love and faithfulness!

Psalm 9:5

You terrified the nations with your battle cry; you destroyed the wicked; you permanently wiped out all memory of them.

Job 26:11

The pillars of the heavens tremble and are amazed at his rebuke.

Amos 5:10

The Israelites hate anyone who arbitrates at the city gate; they despise anyone who speaks honestly.

Zechariah 3:2

The Lord said to Satan, "May the Lord rebuke you, Satan! May the Lord, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Isn't this man like a burning stick snatched from the fire?"

Luke 18:39

And those who were in front scolded him to get him to be quiet, but he shouted even more, "Son of David, have mercy on me!"

Proverbs 28:23

The one who reproves another will in the end find more favor than the one who flatters with the tongue.

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