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'Set Apart' in the Bible

Whoever or whatever touches its flesh shall [first] be dedicated and made clean, and when any of its blood is sprinkled on a garment, you shall wash that garment in a place set apart to God's worship.

for I have taken from the sons of Israel of their sacrifices of peace the breast that is waved and the shoulder that is set apart and have given them unto Aaron, the priest, and unto his sons by a perpetual statute among the sons of Israel.

And Aaron gave lots upon the two he goats; one lot for Jehovah, and one lot for the goat set apart.

And the he goat which upon it came up the lot for the goat set apart, shall stand living before Jehovah, to expiate upon him, to send him for a goat set apart to the desert

And he sending away the goat set apart, shall wash his garments and wash his flesh in water, and after this he shall go in to the camp.

You shall therefore make a distinction between the clean beast and the unclean, and between the unclean fowl and the clean; and you shall not make yourselves detestable with beast or with bird or with anything with which the ground teems or that creeps, which I have set apart from you as unclean.

Say to them, Any man of all your seed among your generations who draws near to the holy things, which the sons of Israel set apart to Jehovah, if he has his uncleanness on him, that soul shall be cut off from My presence. I am Jehovah.

If the priest's daughter becomes married unto a stranger, she may not eat of that which is set apart of the holy things.

And they shall not profane the holy things of the sons of Israel, which they set apart unto the LORD,

"You are not to defile my sacred name, because I've been set apart in the midst of the Israelis. Furthermore, I am the LORD, who sets you apart

When the field is released in the Jubilee, it will be holy to the Lord like a field permanently set apart; it becomes the priest's property.

"Nothing that a man permanently sets apart to the Lord from all he owns, whether a person, an animal, or his inherited landholding, can be sold or redeemed; everything set apart is especially holy to the Lord.

No person who has been set apart [for destruction] is to be ransomed; he must be put to death.

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