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A native of Zorah, in the tribe of Dan, and the father of Samson, Jg 13:14; 16:31. In the prediction of his son's birth and achievements, we see the Angel of the covenant, who appeared to Abraham, Gideon, etc., and who never slumbers nor sleeps, caring for his oppressed people. So, too, he appeared to Jacob, and would not tell his mysterious name, Ge 32:29; Jg 13:18; Isa 9:6; Lu 13:34.

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rest, a Danite, the father of Samson (Jg 13:1-22; 14:2-4).

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A Danite of Zorah, father of Samson (Judges 13). The Angel of Jehovah appeared unto his wife, announcing that a son should be born to her, to be reared as a Nazarite. On her telling Manoah he entreated Jehovah to send again "the man of God" (as Manoah supposed him to be) to "teach what they should do unto the child to be born." God graciously granted his wish, and he asked the Angel, "how shall we order the child, and how shall we do unto him?" So parents ought to seek God's direction, how to rear their children for God. The Angel directed him and all parents: "of all that I said ... beware, ... all that I commanded ... observe" (compare Joh 2:5).

Manoah begged Him to stay until he got ready a kid. The divine Angel told him (as Manoah thought He was a man and knew not He was the Angel of Jehovah, and He being jealous for God's honor would not accept it as man; compare Mr 10:18) he must offer his burnt offering to Jehovah. Manoah then asked His name. The Angel replied, "it is secret" ("wonderful," margin; Isa 9:6); compare Ge 32:29; Ex 34:5-7; it is a secret known to God's children (Ps 25:14; Re 2:17; 3:12). "He did wondrously" according to His name, for He made a flame rise from the rock to consume the offering and (compare Jg 6:21) ascended in the flame; compare Mr 4:41; 5:42; 7:37; Ac 1:9; Joh 3:13.

Manoah feared he should die, as having seen God (Ex 33:20). His wife with greater spiritual instinct replied: "if Jehovah were pleased to kill us, He would not have received a burnt offering at our hands, neither would He have showed us all these things, nor as at this time have told us such things." Manoah and his wife remonstrated with Samson on choosing a Philistine as his wife (Jg 14:2-3); but they accompanied him to the marriage feast at Timnath. Manoah probably died before his son; since not Manoah but Samson's brothers brought Samson's body to the tomb between Zorah and Eshtaol.

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The father of Samson, of the town of Zorah, and of the family of the Danites (Jg 13:1-23; 14:2-3,5-6,9-10; 16:31). We learn but little of his character and occupation from the Bible narrative. He was a worshipper of Jehovah, and a man of reverent piety; he was hospitable, like his ancestor Abraham; he shared the dislike of his people for the alien surrounding tribes, and strongly deprecated an alliance between his son and the Philistines. The second narrative gives us the following information about him. His wife was barren, but she was warned by a Divine messenger that she was destined to bear a son who was to be a Nazirite and dedicated to Jehovah. The messenger appeared again when Manoah also was present, and repeated his prophecy (Jg 13:2-23). We hear of Manoah on four more occasions: we find him remonstrating with his son about the proposed Philistine marriage (Jg 14:2-3); he accompanied his son on the preliminary visit to Timnah (Jg 14:5,8), and again to the marriage itself (Jg 14:9-10). He did not survive his son, who was buried by his side (Jg 16:31). Cf. art. Samson.

These scanty details are somewhat amplified by Josephus (Ant. V. viii. 2, 3), who was apparently following some ancient Jewish tradition.

T. A. Moxon.

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Danite of Zorah and father of Samson. An angel had appeared to his wife and announced the birth of Samson, and Manoah besought God that 'the man of God' might be sent again. God listened to him, and the angel came, to whom Manoah spoke of the promised son. He offered a kid as a burnt offering and the angel ascended in the flame of the altar. Manoah then feared they would die, for they had seen God; but his wife in faith said that could not be, for God had accepted the offering, and He had in fact spoken to them of life, not of death. Jg 13:2-22; 16:31.

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(rest), the father of Samson; a Danite, native of the town of Zorah.

Jg 13:2

(B.C. 1161) [SAMSON]

See Samson

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MANOAH, the father of Samson, was of the tribe of Dan, and a native of the city of Zorah, Jg 13:6-23. See SAMSON.

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