52 occurrences

'Upright' in the Bible

He made upright planks of acacia wood for the tabernacle.

Who has counted the dust of Jacobor numbered the dust clouds of Israel?Let me die the death of the upright;let the end of my life be like theirs.

Afterward, Samuel took a stone and set it upright between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, explaining, “The Lord has helped us to this point.”

I know, my God, that You test the heart and that You are pleased with what is right. I have willingly given all these things with an upright heart, and now I have seen Your people who are present here giving joyfully and willingly to You.

Hezekiah did this throughout all Judah. He did what was good and upright and true before the Lord his God.

if you are pure and upright,then He will move even now on your behalfand restore the home where your righteousness dwells.

I am a laughingstock to my friends,by calling on God, who answers me.The righteous and upright man is a laughingstock.

The upright are appalled at this,and the innocent are roused against the godless.

Then an upright man could reason with Him,and I would escape from my Judge forever.

My words come from my upright heart,and my lips speak with sincerity what they know.

For look, the wicked string the bow;they put the arrow on the bowstringto shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart.

For the Lord is righteous; He loves righteous deeds.The upright will see His face.

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,you righteous ones;shout for joy,all you upright in heart.

Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones;praise from the upright is beautiful.

Spread Your faithful love over those who know You,and Your righteousness over the upright in heart.

The wicked have drawn the sword and strung the bowto bring down the afflicted and needyand to slaughter those whose way is upright.

Watch the blameless and observe the upright,for the man of peace will have a future.

Like sheep they are headed for Sheol;Death will shepherd them.The upright will rule over them in the morning,and their form will waste away in Sheol,far from their lofty abode.

The righteous one rejoices in the Lordand takes refuge in Him;all those who are upright in heartwill offer praise.

for justice will again be righteous,and all the upright in heart will follow it.

Do what is good, Lord, to the good,to those whose hearts are upright.

Surely the righteous will praise Your name;the upright will live in Your presence.

For the upright will inhabit the land,and those of integrity will remain in it;

for the devious are detestable to the Lord,but He is a friend to the upright.

The integrity of the upright guides them,but the perversity of the treacherous destroys them.

The righteousness of the upright rescues them,but the treacherous are trapped by their own desires.

The words of the wicked are a deadly ambush,but the speech of the upright rescues them.

The house of the wicked will be destroyed,but the tent of the upright will stand.

The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable to the Lord,but the prayer of the upright is His delight.

The highway of the upright avoids evil;the one who guards his way protects his life.

A guilty man’s conduct is crooked,but the behavior of the innocent is upright.

The wicked are a ransom for the righteous,and the treacherous, for the upright.

A wicked man puts on a bold face,but the upright man considers his way.

The one who leads the upright into an evil waywill fall into his own pit,but the blameless will inherit what is good.

Bloodthirsty men hate an honest person,but the upright care about him.

An unjust man is detestable to the righteous,and one whose way is uprightis detestable to the wicked.

Only see this: I have discovered that God made people upright, but they pursued many schemes.”

Godly people have vanished from the land;there is no one upright among the people.All of them wait in ambush to shed blood;they hunt each other with a net.

The best of them is like a brier;the most upright is worse than a hedge of thorns.The day of your watchmen,the day of your punishment, is coming;at this time their panic is here.

They said, “Cornelius, a centurion, an upright and God-fearing man, who has a good reputation with the whole Jewish nation, was divinely directed by a holy angel to call you to his house and to hear a message from you.”

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Usage: 119

גּבּר גּבּור 
Usage: 159

Usage: 26

Usage: 14

Usage: 1

מישׁר מישׁור 
Usage: 23

Usage: 19

Usage: 10

Usage: 4

Usage: 4

Usage: 75

Usage: 9

Usage: 13

Usage: 91

Usage: 63

Usage: 1

Usage: 2

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