1 When Jesus finished saying all this he said to his disciples, 2 "You know the passover is to be held two days after this; and the Son of man will be delivered up to be crucified."
3 Then the high priests and the elders of the people met in the palace of the high priest who was called Caiaphas 4 and took counsel together to get hold of Jesus by craft and have him put to death. 5 "Only," they said, "it must not be during the festival, in case of a riot among the people."
6 Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, 7 a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of expensive perfume which she poured over his head as he lay at table. 8 When the disciples saw this they were angry. "What is the use of this waste?" they said; 9 "the perfume might have been sold for a good sum, and the poor might have got that."
10 But Jesus was aware of what they said, and he replied, "Why are you annoying the woman? It is a beautiful thing she has done to me. 11 The poor you always have beside you, but you will not always have me. 12 In pouring this perfume on my body she has acted in view of my burial. 13 I tell you truly, wherever this gospel is preached through all the world, men will speak of what she has done in memory of her."
14 Then one of the twelve called Judas Iscariot went and said to the high priests, 15 "What will you give me for betraying him to you?" And they weighed out for him thirty silver pieces. 16 From that moment he sought a good opportunity to betray him.
17 On the first day of unleavened bread the disciples of Jesus came up and said to him, "Where do you want us to prepare for you to eat the passover?"
18 He said, "Go into the city to so-and-so; tell him that the Teacher says, 'My time is near, I will celebrate the passover at your house with my disciples.' " 19 So the disciples did as Jesus had told them, and prepared the passover. 20 When evening came he lay at table with the disciples, 21 and as they were eating he said, "One of you is going to betray me."
22 They were greatly distressed at this, and each of them said to him, "Lord, surely it is not me."
23 He answered, "One who has dipped his hand into the same dish as myself is going to betray me. 24 The Son of man goes the road that the scripture has described for him, but woe to the man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! Better that man had never been born!"
25 Then Judas his betrayer said, "Surely it is not me, rabbi?" He said to him, "Is it not?"
26 As they were eating he took a loaf and after the blessing he broke it; then he gave it to the disciples saying, "Take and eat this, it means my body." 27 He also took a cup and after thanking God he gave it to them saying, "Drink of it, all of you; 28 this means my blood, the new covenant-blood, shed for many, to win the remission of their sins. 29 I tell you, after this I will never drink this produce of the vine till the day I drink it new with you in the Realm of my Father." 30 After the hymn of praise they went out to the Hill of Olives.
31 Then Jesus said to them, "You will all be disconcerted over me to-night, for it is written, I will strike at the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.
32 But after my rising I will precede you to Galilee."
33 Peter answered, "Supposing they are all disconcerted over you, I will not be disconcerted."
34 Jesus said to him, "I tell you truly, you will disown me three times this very night, before the cock crows."
35 Peter said to him, "Even though I have to die with you, I will never disown you." And all the disciples said the same thing.
36 Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and he told the disciples, "Sit here till I go over there and pray." 37 But he took Peter and the two sons of Zebedaeus along with him; and when he began to feel distressed and agitated, 38 he said to them, "My heart is sad, sad even to death; stay here and watch with me." 39 Then he went forward a little and fell on his face praying, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me. Yet, not what I will but what thou wilt."
40 Then he went to the disciples and found them asleep; and he said to Peter, "So the three of you could not watch with me for a single hour? 41 Watch and pray, all of you, so that you may not slip into temptation. The spirit is eager but the flesh is weak."
42 Again he went away for the second time and prayed, "My Father, if this cup cannot pass unless I drink it, thy will be done." 43 And when he returned he found them asleep again, for their eyes were heavy.
44 So he left them and went back for the third time, praying in the same words as before. 45 Then he went to the disciples and said to them, "Still asleep? still resting? The hour is near, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. 46 Come, get up and let us go. Here is my betrayer close at hand!"
47 While he was still speaking, up came Judas, one of the twelve, accompanied by a large mob with swords and cudgels who had come from the high priests and the elders of the people. 48 Now his betrayer had given them a signal; he said, " Whoever I kiss, that is the man." 49 So he went up at once to Jesus; "Hail, rabbi!" he said, and kissed him.
50 Jesus said, "My man, do your errand." Then they laid hands on Jesus and seized him. 51 One of his companions put out his hand, drew his sword, and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.
52 Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; all who draw the sword shall die by the sword. 53 What! do you think I cannot appeal to my Father to furnish me at this moment with over twelve legions of angels? 54 Only, how could the scriptures be fulfilled then ??the scriptures that say this must be so?"
55 At that hour Jesus said to the crowds, "Have you sallied out to arrest me like a robber, with swords and cudgels? Day after day I sat in the temple teaching, and you never seized me. 56 However, this has all happened for the fulfilment of the prophetic scriptures!" Then all the disciples left him and fled;
57 but those who had seized Jesus took him away to the house of Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and elders had gathered. 58 Peter followed him at a distance as far as the courtyard of the high priest, and when he got inside he sat down beside the attendants to see the end.
59 Now the high priests and the whole of the Sanhedrin tried to secure false evidence against Jesus, in order to have him put to death; 60 but they could find none, although a number of false witnesses came forward. However, two men came forward at last 61 and said, "This fellow declared, 'I can destroy the temple of God and build it in three days.'"
62 So the high priest rose and said to him, "Have you no reply to make? What of this evidence against you?" 63 Jesus said nothing. Then the high priest addressed him, "I adjure you by the living God, tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God!"
64 Jesus said to him, "Even so! But I tell you, in future you will all see the Son of man seated at the right hand of the Power, and coming on the clouds of heaven."
65 Then the high priest tore his dress and cried, "He has blasphemed! What more evidence do we want? Look, you have heard his blasphemy for yourselves! 66 What is your view?" They replied, "He is doomed to death." 67 Then they spat in his face and buffeted him, some of them cuffing him 68 and crying, "Prophesy to us, you Christ! tell us who struck you!"
69 Now Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. A maidservant came up and said to him, "You were with Jesus the Galilean too."
70 But he denied it before them all; "I do not know what you mean," he said.
71 When he went out to the gateway another maidservant noticed him and said to those who were there, "This fellow was with Jesus the Nazarene."
72 Again he denied it; he swore, "I do not know the man."
73 After a little the bystanders came up and said to Peter, "To be sure, you are one of them too. Why, your accent betrays you!"
74 At this he broke out cursing and swearing, "I do not know the man." At that moment a cock crowed. 75 Then Peter remembered what Jesus had said, that 'before the cock crows you will disown me three times.' And he went outside and wept bitterly.