7 occurrences

'All Things' in the Bible

All things are so hard, that no man can express them. The eye is not satisfied with sight; the ear is not filled with hearing.

applied my mind to seek out and search for the knowledge of all things that are done under heaven. Such travail and labor hath God given to the children of men, to exercise themselves therein.

For all these things purposed I in my mind to seek out. The righteous and wise, yea and their servants also are in the hand of God: and there is no man that knoweth either love or hate, but all things are before them.

Among all things that come to pass under the Sun, this is a mystery, that it happeneth unto all alike. This is the cause also that the hearts of men are full of wickedness, and mad foolishness is in their hearts, as long as they live, until they die.

If a man live many years, and be glad in them all, let him remember the days of darkness, which shall be many: And when they come, all things shall be but vanity.

Let us hear the conclusion of all things: Fear God, and keep his commandments, for that toucheth all men;