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'In The Desert' in the Bible

Also to you, Lord, belongs loving kindness, for you reward every man according to his work. A Psalm by David, when he was in the desert of Judah.

Chanting to David in his being in the desert of Judah. O God thou art my God; I will seek thee: my soul thirsted for thee, my flesh longed for thee in a land of dryness, and thirsty without water.

Sing unto God, sing forth his name; cast up a way for him that rideth in the deserts: his name is Jah; and rejoice before him.

O God, in thy going forth before thy people, in thy stepping in the desert. Silence.

The dwellers in the desert shall bow before him, and his enemies shall lick the dust.

He used to cleave rocks in the desert, And let them drink as out of mighty deeps;

Yet went they on still to sin against him, To rebel against the Most High in the desert.

Yea they spake against Elohim, - They said, Can GOD prepare a table in the desert?

And he set forth, like sheep, his people, And guided them, like a flock in the desert;

Do not harden your heart as at Meribah, As on the day of Massah, in the desert;

He opened a rock, and water gushed out; it flowed like a stream in the desert.

So He raised His hand against them [with an oath] that He would make them fall in the desert

They wandered about in the desert - in a waste, Way to a city to dwell in, found they none;

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