40 Bible Verses about behavior

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1 Peter 3:2

when they see your pure and reverent conduct.

1 Timothy 3:15

in case I am delayed, to let you know how people ought to conduct themselves in the household of God, because it is the church of the living God, the support and bulwark of the truth.

Romans 13:3

(for rulers cause no fear for good conduct but for bad). Do you desire not to fear authority? Do good and you will receive its commendation,

Titus 2:1

But as for you, communicate the behavior that goes with sound teaching.

1 Peter 4:4

So they are astonished when you do not rush with them into the same flood of wickedness, and they vilify you.

Psalm 18:20

The Lord repaid me for my godly deeds; he rewarded my blameless behavior.

Proverbs 1:3

To receive moral instruction in skillful living, in righteousness, justice, and equity.

Ezekiel 16:27

So see here, I have stretched out my hand against you and cut off your rations. I have delivered you into the power of those who hate you, the daughters of the Philistines, who were ashamed by your obscene conduct.

Proverbs 20:11

Even a young man is known by his actions, whether his activity is pure and whether it is right.

3 John 1:11

Dear friend, do not imitate what is bad but what is good. The one who does good is of God; the one who does what is bad has not seen God.

Ecclesiastes 5:1

Be careful what you do when you go to the temple of God; draw near to listen rather than to offer a sacrifice like fools, for they do not realize that they are doing wrong.

Leviticus 18:3

You must not do as they do in the land of Egypt where you have been living, and you must not do as they do in the land of Canaan into which I am about to bring you; you must not walk in their statutes.

Psalm 34:1

Written by David, when he pretended to be insane before Abimelech, causing the king to send him away. I will praise the Lord at all times; my mouth will continually praise him.

Psalm 101:2

I will walk in the way of integrity. When will you come to me? I will conduct my business with integrity in the midst of my palace.

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