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'Call' in the Bible

So the Lord God formed out of the ground every wild animal and every bird of the sky, and brought each to the man to see what he would call it. And whatever the man called a living creature, that was its name.

A son was born to Seth also, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call on the name of Yahweh.

God said to Abraham, “As for your wife Sarai, do not call her Sarai, for Sarah will be her name.

So they said, “Let’s call the girl and ask her opinion.”

Leah said, “I am happy that the women call me happy,” so she named him Asher.

Then his sister said to Pharaoh’s daughter, “Should I go and call a woman from the Hebrews to nurse the boy for you?”

“When someone sins in any of these ways: If he has seen, heard, or known about something he has witnessed, and did not respond to a public call to testify, he is responsible for his sin.

which the Sidonians call Sirion, but the Amorites call Senir,

For what great nation is there that has a god near to it as the Lord our God is to us whenever we call to Him?

I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you today that you will quickly perish from the land you are about to cross the Jordan to possess. You will not live long there, but you will certainly be destroyed.

The Lord said to Moses, “The time of your death is now approaching. Call Joshua and present yourselves at the tent of meeting so that I may commission him.” When Moses and Joshua went and presented themselves at the tent of meeting,

Assemble all your tribal elders and officers before me so that I may speak these words directly to them and call heaven and earth as witnesses against them.

and so that you do not associate with these nations remaining among you. Do not call on the names of their gods or make an oath to them; do not worship them or bow down to them.

The men of Ephraim were called together and crossed the Jordan to Zaphon. They said to Jephthah, “Why have you crossed over to fight against the Ammonites but didn’t call us to go with you? We will burn your house down with you in it!”

“Don’t call me Naomi. Call me Mara,” she answered, “for the Almighty has made me very bitter.

I went away full, but the Lord has brought me back empty. Why do you call me Naomi, since the Lord has pronounced judgment on me, and the Almighty has afflicted me?”

He ran to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”“I didn’t call,” Eli replied. “Go back and lie down.” So he went and lay down.

Once again the Lord called, “Samuel!”Samuel got up, went to Eli, and said, “Here I am; you called me.”“I didn’t call, my son,” he replied. “Go back and lie down.”

Isn’t the wheat harvest today? I will call on the Lord and He will send thunder and rain, so that you will know and see what a great evil you committed in the Lord’s sight by requesting a king for yourselves.”

So Saul said to the troops with him, “Call the roll and determine who has left us.” They called the roll and saw that Jonathan and his armor-bearer were gone.

King David responded by saying, “Call in Bathsheba for me.” So she came into the king’s presence and stood before him.

King David then said, “Call in Zadok the priest, Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah son of Jehoiada for me.” So they came into the king’s presence.

May Your eyes be open to Your servant’s petitionand to the petition of Your people Israel,listening to them whenever they call to You.

Then you call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of Yahweh. The God who answers with fire, He is God.”All the people answered, “That sounds good.”

Then Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, “Since you are so numerous, choose for yourselves one bull and prepare it first. Then call on the name of your god but don’t light the fire.”

The messenger who went to call Micaiah instructed him, “Look, the words of the prophets are unanimously favorable for the king. So let your words be like theirs, and speak favorably.”

He ordered his attendant Gehazi, “Call this Shunammite woman.” So he called her and she stood before him.

Call her,” Elisha said. So Gehazi called her, and she stood in the doorway.

Elisha called Gehazi and said, “Call the Shunammite woman.” He called her and she came. Then Elisha said, “Pick up your son.”

But Naaman got angry and left, saying, “I was telling myself: He will surely come out, stand and call on the name of Yahweh his God, and will wave his hand over the spot and cure the skin disease.

Give thanks to Yahweh; call on His name;proclaim His deeds among the peoples.

The messenger who went to call Micaiah instructed him, “Look, the words of the prophets are unanimously favorable for the king. So let your words be like theirs, and speak favorably.”

Call out if you please. Will anyone answer you?Which of the holy ones will you turn to?

Then call, and I will answer,or I will speak, and You can respond to me.

You would call, and I would answer You.You would long for the work of Your hands.

I call for my servant, but he does not answer,even if I beg him with my own mouth.

Will he delight in the Almighty?Will he call on God at all times?

For the choir director: with stringed instruments. A Davidic psalm.Answer me when I call,God, who vindicates me.You freed me from affliction;be gracious to me and hear my prayer.

Break the arm of the wicked and evil person;call his wickedness into accountuntil nothing remains of it.

Will evildoers never understand?They consume My people as they consume bread;they do not call on the Lord.

Lord, give victory to the king!May He answer us on the day that we call.

Lord, hear my voice when I call;be gracious to me and answer me.

Lord, do not let me be disgraced when I call on You.Let the wicked be disgraced;let them be silent in Sheol.

Then my enemies will retreat on the day when I call.This I know: God is for me.

I call to You from the ends of the earthwhen my heart is without strength.Lead me to a rock that is high above me,

May his name endure forever;as long as the sun shines,may his fame increase.May all nations be blessed by himand call him blessed.

Then we will not turn away from You;revive us, and we will call on Your name.

But I call to You for help, Lord;in the morning my prayer meets You.

He will call to Me, ‘You are my Father,my God, the rock of my salvation.’

then I will call their rebellionto account with the rod,their sin with blows.

A song of ascents.Out of the depths I call to You, Yahweh!

A Davidic psalm.Lord, I call on You; hurry to help me.Listen to my voice when I call on You.

furthermore, if you call out to insightand lift your voice to understanding,

Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”and call understanding your relative.

Doesn’t Wisdom call out?Doesn’t Understanding make her voice heard?

Woe to those who call evil goodand good evil,who substitute darkness for lightand light for darkness,who substitute bitter for sweetand sweet for bitter.

for before the boy knows how to call out father or mother, the wealth of Damascus and the spoils of Samaria will be carried off to the king of Assyria.”

Do not call everything an alliancethese people say is an alliance.Do not fear what they fear;do not be terrified.

Lift up a banner on a barren mountain.Call out to them.Wave your hand, and they will gothrough the gates of the nobles.

“On that day I will call for my servant, Eliakim son of Hilkiah.

Egypt’s help is completely worthless;therefore, I call her:Rahab Who Just Sits.

Then you will defile your silver-plated idols and your gold-plated images. You will throw them away like menstrual cloths, and call them filth.

The desert creatures will meet hyenas,and one wild goat will call to another.Indeed, the screech owl will stay thereand will find a resting place for herself.

This one will say, ‘I am the Lord’s’;another will call himself by the name of Jacob;still another will write on his hand, ‘The Lord’s,’and name himself by the name of Israel.”

I will give you the treasures of darknessand riches from secret places,so that you may know that I, Yahweh,the God of Israel call you by your name.

I call a bird of prey from the east,a man for My purpose from a far country.Yes, I have spoken; so I will also bring it about.I have planned it; I will also do it.

Will the fast I choose be like this:A day for a person to deny himself,to bow his head like a reed,and to spread out sackcloth and ashes?Will you call this a fastand a day acceptable to the Lord?

At that time, when you call, the Lord will answer;when you cry out, He will say, ‘Here I am.’If you get rid of the yoke among you,the finger-pointing and malicious speaking,

“If you keep from desecrating the Sabbath,from doing whatever you want on My holy day;if you call the Sabbath a delight,and the holy day of the Lord honorable;if you honor it, not going your own ways,seeking your own pleasure, or talking too much;

The sons of your oppressorswill come and bow down to you;all who reviled youwill fall facedown at your feet.They will call you the City of the Lord,Zion of the Holy One of Israel.

I thought: How I long to make you My sonsand give you a desirable land,the most beautiful inheritance of all the nations.I thought: You will call Me, my Father,and never turn away from Me.

a wind too strong for this comes at My call. Now I will also pronounce judgments against them.’”

“Stand in the gate of the house of the Lord and there call out this word: Hear the word of the Lord, all you people of Judah who enter through these gates to worship the Lord.

“When you speak all these things to them, they will not listen to you. When you call to them, they will not answer you.

Bible Theasaurus

Reverse Interlinear

Root Form
Usage: 4

call unto , call , call for , call to
Usage: 27

call on , be surname , be surnamed , call upon , appeal unto , call , appeal to , appeal
Usage: 32

call , call unto , call to , speak , speak to , speak unto
Usage: 5

Usage: 6

call , crow , cry , call for
Usage: 30

Usage: 73

Usage: 23

Usage: 55

Usage: 736

Q@ra' (Aramaic) 
Usage: 11

Usage: 43

Usage: 7

call in
Usage: 1

be called , choose
Usage: 2

Usage: 1

say , speak , tell , speak of , call
Usage: 41

call , bid , be so named , named ,
Usage: 106

Usage: 11

Usage: 9

Usage: 5

judge , determine , condemn , go to law , call in question , esteem ,
Usage: 84

say , speak , call , tell ,
Usage: 1045

Usage: 2

Usage: 8

name , named , called , surname , named , not tr
Usage: 162

Usage: 10

Usage: 1

Usage: 6

Usage: 2

be warned of God , call , be admonished of God , reveal , speak , be warned from God
Usage: 9

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