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'Send Me' in the Bible

And David will send messengers to the men of Jabesh-Gilead, and he will say to them, Blessed ye to Jehovah, who did this mercy with your lord, with Saul, and ye will bury him.

And Abner will send messengers to David for his sake, saying, To whom the land? saying, Cut out thy covenant with me, and behold, my hand with thee to turn about to thee all Israel.

And David will send messengers to the man of shame, son of Saul, saying, Thou shalt give my wife Michal, whom I betrothed to me for a hundred uncircumcisions of the rovers.

And Joab will go forth from David and send messengers after Abner, and they will turn him back from the Well of Sirah: and David knew not

And Hiram, king of Tyre, will send messengers to David, and wood of cedars and artificers of wood, and artificers of stone of the wall: and they will build a house for David.

And David will send messengers and take her: and she will come in to him, and he will lie with her; (and she being consecrated from her uncleanness:) and she will turn back to her house.

And David sent to Joab, saying, Send me Uriah the Hittite. And Joab sent Uriah to David.

And Joab will send messengers to David, and say, I fought against Rabbah, also I took the city of waters.

And she saith to him, 'Because of the circumstances this evil is greater than the other that thou hast done with me -- to send me away;' and he hath not been willing to hearken to her,

Take note: their two sons, Zadok's son Ahimaaz and Abiathar's son Jonathan, are there with them. Send me everything you hear through them."

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