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'Age' in the Bible

And rejoice do all trusting in Thee, To the age they sing, and Thou coverest them over, And those loving Thy name exult in Thee.

Thou hast rebuked nations, Thou hast destroyed the wicked, Their name Thou hast blotted out to the age and for ever.

Jehovah is king to the age, and for ever, The nations have perished out of His land!

Thou, O Jehovah, dost preserve them, Thou keepest us from this generation to the age.

His silver he hath not given in usury, And a bribe against the innocent Hath not taken; Whoso is doing these is not moved to the age!

From men who are thy hand, O Jehovah, from men of this age: their portion is in this life, and their belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure; they have their fill of sons, and leave the rest of their substance to their children.

Remember Thy mercies, O Jehovah, And Thy kindnesses, for from the age are they.

And I -- I have said in mine ease, 'I am not moved -- to the age.

So that honour doth praise Thee, and is not silent, O Jehovah, my God, to the age I thank Thee!

To the Overseer. -- A Psalm of David. In Thee, O Jehovah, I have trusted, Let me not be ashamed to the age, In Thy righteousness deliver me.

Jehovah knoweth the days of the perfect, And their inheritance is -- to the age.

For Jehovah is loving judgment, And He doth not forsake His saintly ones, To the age they have been kept, And the seed of the wicked is cut off.

Behold, thou hast made my days as an handbreadth; and mine age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah.

As to me, in mine integrity, Thou hast taken hold upon me, And causest me to stand before Thee to the age.

In God we have boasted all the day, And Thy name to the age we thank. Selah.

Thou hast been beautified above the sons of men, Grace hath been poured into thy lips, Therefore hath God blessed thee to the age.

I make mention of Thy name in all generations, Therefore do peoples praise Thee, To the age, and for ever!

As we have heard, so we have seen, In the city of Jehovah of hosts, In the city of our God, God doth establish her -- to the age. Selah.

That this God is our God -- To the age and for ever, He -- he doth lead us over death!

And precious is the redemption of their soul, And it hath ceased -- to the age.

Their heart is: Their houses are to the age, Their tabernacles to all generations. They proclaimed their names over the lands.

I thank Thee to the age, because Thou hast done it, And I wait on Thy name for it is good before Thy saints!

He dwelleth to the age before God, Kindness and truth appoint -- they keep him.

In Thee, O Jehovah, I have trusted, Let me not be ashamed to the age.

Also, when I reach old age and have gray hair, God, do not forsake me, until I have declared your power to this generation and your might to the next one.

His name is to the age, Before the sun is his name continued, And they bless themselves in him, All nations do pronounce him happy.

Lo, these are the wicked and easy ones of the age, They have increased strength.

And buildeth His sanctuary as a high place, Like the earth, He founded it to the age.

And we, Thy people, and the flock of Thy pasture, We give thanks to Thee to the age, To all generations we recount Thy praise!

Those hating Jehovah feign obedience to Him, But their time is -- to the age.

To the age art Thou angry against us? Dost Thou draw out Thine anger To generation and generation?

An instruction, by Ethan the Ezrahite. Of the kind acts of Jehovah, to the age I sing, To all generations I make known Thy faithfulness with my mouth,

For I said, 'To the age is kindness built, The heavens! Thou dost establish Thy faithfulness in them.'

'Even to the age do I establish thy seed, And have built to generation and generation thy throne. Selah.

His seed is to the age, And his throne is as the sun before Me,

As the moon it is established -- to the age, And the witness in the sky is stedfast. Selah.

Established is Thy throne since then, From the age Thou art.

For good is Jehovah, to the age His kindness, And to generation and generation His faithfulness!

And Thou, O Jehovah, to the age abidest, And Thy memorial to all generations.

And the kindness of Jehovah Is from age even unto age on those fearing Him, And His righteousness to sons' sons,

He hath founded earth on its bases, It is not moved to the age and for ever.

The honour of Jehovah is to the age, Jehovah rejoiceth in His works,

And it is reckoned to him to righteousness, To all generations -- unto the age.

Blessed is Jehovah, God of Israel, From the age even unto the age. And all the people said, 'Amen, praise Jah!'

They are sustained for ever to the age. They are made in truth and uprightness.

Redemption He hath sent to His people, He hath appointed to the age His covenant, Holy and fearful is His name.

The name of Jehovah is blessed, From henceforth, and unto the age.

And we, we bless Jah, From henceforth, and unto the age. Praise ye Jah!

Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age is His kindness.

I pray you, let Israel say, That, to the age is His kindness.

I pray you, let the house of Aaron say, That, to the age is His kindness.

I pray you, let those fearing Jehovah say, That, to the age is His kindness.

Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age, is His kindness!

To the age I forget not Thy precepts, For by them Thou hast quickened me.

Than mine enemies Thy command maketh me wiser, For it is before me to the age.

I have inherited Thy testimonies to the age, For the joy of my heart are they.

Of old I have known Thy testimonies, That to the age Thou hast founded them!

Jehovah preserveth thy going out and thy coming in, From henceforth even unto the age!

Jerusalem! mountains are round about her, And Jehovah is round about His people, From henceforth even unto the age.

Israel doth wait on Jehovah, From henceforth, and unto the age!

As dew of Hermon -- That cometh down on hills of Zion, For there Jehovah commanded the blessing -- Life unto the age!

O Jehovah, Thy name is to the age, O Jehovah, Thy memorial to all generations.

Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age is His kindness.

Give ye thanks to the God of gods, For to the age is His kindness.

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Root Form
Usage: 1

...old , aged
Usage: 27

Usage: 178

Usage: 1

Usage: 4

old , old age
Usage: 6

age , world , time
Usage: 5

Usage: 4

Usage: 1

Usage: 2

Usage: 19

Usage: 101

Usage: 17

Usage: 1

Usage: 6

Usage: 3

Usage: 1

be well stricken , go on , go farther , be of ... age Trans
Usage: 5

perfect , man , of full age
Usage: 16

pass the flower of age Trans
Usage: 1

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