10 occurrences

'Give Ear' in the Bible

Should men give ear unto thee only? Thou wilt laugh other men to scorn; and shall nobody mock thee again?

Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer, and ponder the voice of my humble desires.

Give ear, for I will speak of great matters, and open my lips to tell things that be right.

My son, give ear and be wise, so shall thine heart prosper in the way.

It is better to give ear to the chastening of a wise man, than to hear the song of fools.

Be obedient, give ear, take no disdain at it, for it is the LORD himself that speaketh!

O ye priests, hear this; take heed, O thou household of Israel; give ear, O thou kingly house. For this punishment will come upon you, that are become a snare unto Mizphah, and a spread net unto the mount of Tabor.